Everything Is Ready For the Fishing Tournament in Mar Del Plata

Everything Is Ready For the Fishing Tournament in Mar Del Plata

I found this note also the terms and conditions of the fishing city of Mar del Plata tournament.

The organizers of the fishing tournament city of Mar del Plata met on Wednesday 25 September to finalize details of the Organization, security and cleanliness.

The meeting, which had headquarters in the Emtur had among its participants to Javier G.Cicalese and Vicente Cappola, Alberto Sosa, Gustavo Castagna of the sub Commission, organizer of the event of transit, of the Ministry of health, Enosur, the Mar del Plata Naval Prefecture, as well as Federal and Provincial Police.

The following are the terms and conditions of the contest.

Bases and conditions by ALLTIMEFISHING: WEEKEND – fishing MAR del PLATA CLUB:

“Invite you to travel”

1st) this contest is organized by Editorial profile S.A., with domicile in Chacabuco No. 271 of the autonomous city of Buenos Aires and Bariloche S.A., with domicile in the street Carlos Pellegrini No. 743 floor 3rd C.A.B.A, hereinafter referred to as “organizers” and will take place across the country from 00: 00 hours of August 30, 2013 to 18:00 from the 18 of October 2013. This contest is “Free and free” and “Without obligation of purchase” contest will be broadcast in the Weekend magazine Edition graphic and website: http://weekend.perfil.com.

2nd) may participate in the competition who sent a photograph (not more) of your best fishing trip, with minimum size of 10 by 15 cm (300 dpi, for the case of be digital). Shipping will be by postal mail in an envelope addressed to: contest Weekend – silver sea fishing Club “invite you to travel” to the street address Chacabuco No. 271, 3rd floor – C.P. 1069, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, or else leave the envelope at the address mentioned in an urn that the effect will be enabled between 09:00 and 18:00 hours , or send an email to: correo_weekend@perfil.com, subject: contest Weekend – silver sea fishing Club “invite you to travel”. In all cases submit copy of identity document of who appears in the photo (for the case of the email the scanned document), who shall be the holder of the same.

All photos, original, which are not contrary to morals and good customs, which have not been published in other media or websites and are authored by the participant will be accepted.

It is an indispensable condition for participation in the contest that intellectual property rights and public display of each submitted work are owned by the participant, making sure there is claims of third parties on the photographs by the presented work. The authors may not submit photos received awards in other competitions or published in any other graphic medium, whether in paper or digital format. We cannot accept works that show legends or markings that may be construed as advertising. Any complaint about the false authorship on it, involves losing all rights to the prizes of the contest. Likewise participants assume full responsibility and claims of third parties, whatever they and that are related to the submitted photograph.

The images received through October 18, 2013 at the time 18:00, and will be evaluated by a jury composed by the staff of Weekend magazine. Recorded on a separate sheet: a) surname and full names, b) national identity document, c) phone number, d) full address with number of housing, postcode, town or city, party or Department, province, e) email address.

3 °) five (5) photographs that are selected by the jury will be of “potential” winning. The jury will consider to issue its verdict: the originality of the image and the short story that accompanies it (place of fishing, species, bait and used equipment, more data (120 characters) that gives evidence of why that picture deserves to win the contest (difficulty in capturing, size of the fish, conditions, weather, etc.). Also the jury shall elect five (5) alternate photos, for the case that the winning potential, elected in the first place, do not comply with the requirements established in these rules.

Once selected photographs, “the organizers” undertake corresponding calls to inform that the jury awarded them the condition of potential ‘winner’. The winning potential participant must answer 1 (a) question of general culture to which the correct answer is also conditioned the assignment of the prize, and this question of general culture you will be held in the aforementioned telephone call.

4th) awards consist of five (5) pairs of tickets to Mar del Plata return to the capital town closest to the winner’s home, each of them for the winner with one (1) Companion, most registration free of charge to participate in the 2nd tournament of fishing city of Mar del Plata, organized by the Club of fishing Mar del Plata to be held on November 10, 2013, 9:30 to 13:30 hours, on the beaches of this seaside city.

Declared the winners must attend to arrange the burial of his national identity card original award. In the case of the winners domiciled in CABA and the Buenos Aires urban Cone, they must be submitted in Chacabuco No. 271 floor Street 3rd C.A.B.A. from Monday to Friday from 12.00 to 17.00 hours.

In the case of the winners of the interior, the prize will be delivered to him by shipping certificate and notice of delivery via private mail, within 10 (ten) days calendar, having been declared as winners. The cost of the sent will be assumed by “the organizers”. Assigned once the prizes the winners of C.A.B.A. and Buenos Aires urban cone 03 (three) calendar days will have to sit out, after this time will lose all rights to the prize or any claim of any nature.

5th) the awarding of the prizes will be diffused on the http://weekend.perfil.com page, and in subsequent editions of the magazine Weekend. The prizes do not include any good or service that is not described in these rules. Any award may be transferred or exchanged for money in cash, services or any other property, or endorsed in favour of third parties.

6th) without purchase: there is no “obligation” to participate in this contest. To participate, is not required the purchase of product or any services. Anyone who wishes to enter the contest may do so as described in point 2) the present Bases.

7th) may not participate in this contest legal persons under 18 years of age and who is linked to Editorial profile S.A., Via Bariloche S.A., Club of fishing Mar del Plata or any other company associated with the “Organizer”, or staff who are relatives of them.

8th) “The organizers” are not responsible for the cost of the transfer or any other expense-bearing remove or make the prizes for the winners. “The organizers” will not be responsible for damages or losses that may result in winners and third parties in their persons or property, with reason or on the occasion of participation or withdrawal of prizes and use thereof; their responsibilities to the awards being limited.

9th) the participants authorise “the organizers” to spread their names, documents, voices and images and the members of their families, in the ways and means that the organizers have, without right of compensation, even after a year of the start of the promotion.

10th) participation in the contest implies full knowledge and acceptance of the bases and the modifications that the organizers with respect to them, may be provided that due to unforeseen situations which are beyond the will of “the organizers” should carry out such modifications. In this case amendments shall be communicated to participants in the media mentioned in the header of the current conditions.

11th) “The organizers” will give fulfilment to the content and purposes of the law 25.326, in terms of the integral protection of the personal data that are provided by the participants, as section no. 25 Inc. 2nd), once completed the competition and determined the winners the personal data submitted for participation will be destroyed.

12 th) this contest is governed by these rules and by the laws of the Republic Argentina and before any divergence or conflict derived from the participation in the same parties involved agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina Republic, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction or jurisdiction that may be applicable.

Editorial profile S.A. – Chacabuco No. 271 Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires – Tel. 4341-9000/8900 – CUIT Nº: 30-56095690 – Via Bariloche S.A. Carlos Pellegrini No. 743 floor 3 C.A.B.A. – Tel.4315-7700 – CUITN °: 30-64392215-7.

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