Down Jackets For Men-What To Look For When Buying?

As we have now all experienced on our own body, the winter slowly but certainly enters. Warm boots, thick sweaters, and so on… you have certainly also rausgekramt from the wardrobe. But how about a sensible jacket, do you have something suitable for hanging around the wardrobe? If not, I would like to bring you in this review the down jacket for men a little closer and show what one must pay attention when buying one such.

Men’s Down Jackets-What To Look For When Buying?

One thing is certain, good down jackets offer the highest heat insulation with the lowest weight, provided quality downs were processed. The jackets themselves are very comfortable and offer much freedom of movement. Important is that the outer material is very well impregnated so that the down filling remains dry. These are only a few small points, which you have to pay attention to the purchase, I would like to bring you closer, by the comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of a down jacket.

Advantages Of A Down Jacket That You Should Know

The great advantage of a down jacket can already be guessed by its name, the down. This is because the jacket is advantageous according to JacketPanel. In nature, one meets the down as a sub-spring in the goose, where it protects the animal best in the cold by its good insulation performance. The high insulating power is due to the bulk of this, so this is always indicated when buying down jackets, down vests or sleeping bags with down filling. For the higher the depth of the down, the better the insulation.

Comparing down with comparable artificial fibers, it immediately becomes apparent that the down is extremely light. In addition to the actual advantage of good insulation and warmth, a down jacket for gentlemen still convinces with its pleasant, light weight. The fact that a jacket with a down filling is rather lighter compared to a synthetic fiber jacket and can be compressed in most cases far better, it is understandable that the jackets have such a good reputation.

It is also worth mentioning that men ‘s down jackets also have a more pleasant climate, which considerably improves comfort. Alone from my subjective impression, I can say that jackets with downs are far more comfortable and more natural than jackets with artificial fiber filling. Also, the ability of the down can be easily compressed very much and thanks to the bulk force restore the original shape when the compression ends, speaks for the down jacket. This makes it possible to pack jackets with down filling much smaller than comparable jackets with synthetic fibers.

One can hold that the usual weight for men’s down jackets is around 300 to 400 grams, a down jacket should not weigh either.The jackets cost roughly between 90 and 250 euros. There are always more and more inexpensive models finding their way into the shelves, these are designed in quilted form and do not have as much down as filling. This makes the jackets more suitable for normal everyday life and not for high degrees of minus. The advantages of a down jacket can be summarized as follows:

High insulation properties

Comparable better protection than same jacket with synthetic fibers

Low weight

Highly compressible with high restoring force

Available in different price categories

Disadvantages Of A Down Jacket For Men – Also There Are

Where there are advantages, there are usually also disadvantages-even the purchase of a down jacket is no exception. The probably biggest drawback of a jacket from down is the down itself. As now-advantage and disadvantage is the down? Really read, because these are very sensitive to moisture. Therefore, you should take care that the down does not get wet. For once they are wet, they lose their positive qualities when they are not properly dried and begin to smell unpleasant.

Therefore, when buying such a jacket, you should also ensure that it has a waterproof and windproof outer skin to protect the down as well as possible. For this reason, the jacket is worn in the winter as a midlayer, ie as an insulating intermediate layer under a wind and waterproof outer jacket, because this plays its full advantage.

I would like to return to the question of why down jackets are a big problem with moisture. Once the downs are damp, they tend to clump, lose their bulk and thus their high insulation effect. This is one of the reasons why down jackets are only conditionally suited for permanently perspiring activities. If you use a down jacket in intense rain, this can also be a problem.

Of course, the market is trying to keep up with the fact that moisture is no longer a problem for down jackets. There are already jackets with a watertight outer jacket, but the higher humidity and sweat quickly lead to losses in the insulation effect. Therefore, make sure that the jacket is not wet at all.

What To Do When The Down Jacket Is Wet?

Despite all the caution, it can happen that the downs are damp, then the danger is that these lumps and their isolation properties lose. Therefore it is necessary to react quickly and above all to correct. You have the choice between drying in a dryer or by normal airing out, anyway, everything has to be done so that the natural springs do not clump together.

If you have to dry your down jacket in the dryer, you should use an old housewife trick. Just add a few tennis balls into the dryer, because by throwing the balls back and forth, the downs are properly shaken during the drying process. This also has the advantage that even the last water droplets can penetrate outwards and out of the down, so that they can not stick together.

If you do not have a dryer or decide to dry the down jacket in the air, then you should make sure that you regularly shake it. This also prevents clumping of the down. In principle, it is also true that you should wash your down jacket rather seldom, as you will in the long run also under a proper washing process. If you want to be on the safe side and avoid the clumping of the down, it is best to have your men down jacket cleaned by professional cleaning.

What Do You Have To Look For When Buying A Men ‘S Down Jacket?

After looking at the advantages and disadvantages of a down jacket, I would like to present the most important points, which should be looked at when buying, in a list. If you also think of important points, I am glad about a comment in the comments.

The zipper should not get caught and destroy the delicate outer layer.

Good impregnation must be available to protect down from moisture.

Look at the origin of the down – Down of live animals should be taboo.

If possible, do not use stitched seams because these are cold bridges.

An additional hood does not hurt. This keeps your head warm and ensures that the wind finds less attack surface and gaps on the neck.

The hood should close as well as possible and be adjustable with glove.

The same applies to the zipper of the jacket.

Stylish Down Jackets For The Winter

Of course, I would not let it take me and the other readers to present a selection of down jackets for gentlemen, which in my opinion this winter are quite stylish and above all warm.

In price, the down jackets tend to be located in the higher price segment, which is because I have chosen jackets, which look not only chic, but warm, well insulated and survive more than a winter.

In the mixing ratio I have made sure that the jackets move in the upper third. Say between an extremely good mixing ratio of 95 percent down to 5 percent feathers over a very good ratio of 90:10 to a maximum of 80:20. A 100 percent pure down fill would not work with winter jackets as they could not unfold properly.