Debuts Smartphone “New Every Year” with The New Service from Vodafone

Debuts Smartphone “New Every Year” with The New Service from Vodafone

Since the end of subsidies as we had known them so far, incumbents have wanted to highlight on the rivals which does not facilitate the purchase of a smartphone with different incentives to try to keep loyalty customers and will emphasize not the flight made the OMVs.

For this purpose, operators are betting on improve the range of mobile but now with different initiatives that pass through the Elimination of the blockade of mobile to sell them free in Movistar to the new commitment of Vodafone What happens to put it a little easier to users who like to renew your smartphone of high range once a year with a new service that combines mobile insurance and renting.

New every year It is as Vodafone has christened this new service which will be available from October 22 to new customers contract (through portability, high new or migration) and for current customers that they have no permanence or you left them less than 2 months to comply and that hire rate Unlimited network along with a high-end smartphone.

Performance every year from Vodafone

From now on, the customer can choose one of the Smartphones 5 stars available whose cost will continue to be the standard of the Network fee + payment in instalments 20 euros or 16 euros depending on whether a mobile Top or Premium + monthly fee of the service each new year that adds another 10 or 8 euros respectively providing the following advantages:

  • Mobile insurance covering theft or an annual arrangement by accidental damage, i.e. damage which are not covered by the factory warranty such as those caused by water and repair will only cost 20 euros if it is Premium range or 25 euro in range Top.
  • Renewal every 12 months by another range Top or previous Premium smartphone return of the smartphone acquired the previous year, which must be in good condition or in case contrary will have to pay a maximum of 250 euros in the case of Premium range and up to 320 euros in the case of the Top range.

Customers who are given by first the service each new year they will not deliver your previous terminal and this had given high service and it is renovating its terminal in your usual period of renewal.

To the perform a renewal with every new year by terminal 5 star, will start a new period of 24 months of permanence (being the former cancelled) being able to choose between staying with in active duty to renew smartphone a year or turn it off (saving you the 8 or 10 Euro fee) up to complete the 24 months of signed permanence.

Smartphones 5 star and differences if you do not enable the service

Terminals included in the “New every year” offer according to the range that you want to have access are as follows:

  • Range Top 5-star includes iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy Note III, Sony Xperia Z Ultra and Nokia Lumia 1020 having a total additional cost to the net rate of 12 installments of 30 euros + VAT front the 24 installments of 20 euros + VAT costs without the rental mode.
  • Range Premium 5-star includes One HTC, Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Xperia Z1, Nokia Lumia 925, LG Optimus G2 and BlackBerry Q10 having a total additional cost to the net rate of 12 installments of 24 euros + VAT front the 24 installments of 16 euros + VAT costs without the rental mode.
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