CyanogenMod Not Including Linaro So Far

CyanogenMod Not Including Linaro So Far

A few weeks ago we saw Linaro, What would be the code that would make it possible to improve Android in an almost magical way, getting to optimize Android up to 100% with a few changes in the code. It is certainly an impressive software improvement as seldom seen, and was available to be used by the conineros’s ROMs.

One of the most important concineros is Cyanogen, than with CyanogenMod It has one of the most important ROMs kitchens. In your hands is to use Linaro to improve Android, but says that moment is they won’t do charge to use it.

I’ll take an executive decision on this topic a will not use GCC 4.7

AOSP will follow with GCC 4.6, which is a step in the right direction since it is much more stable. If we want to work with new tools this is the best option

This mean? Means that Android continues with the development by GCC 4.6 to make it stable and universal, while Linaro uses GCC 4.7, which is still in development and is not completely finalized. Cyanogen does this because one of its principles is the stability and universality of its versions, doing that if they have to use GCC 4.7 with Linaro could not ensure that it was stable.

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