Cuddly & Warm: Which Cap Suits Me?

Winter time is active! But even before the first flakes fall and we go to long walks and snowball battles in Winter wonderland, it is time to arm our head in a stylish and warming way for the cold season! 

Beanies are our most popular accessories in autumn and winter, because they not only ensure that we are warm, they also look great based on PAYHELPCENTER! Whether it’s rain, wind, snow or cold weather: trendy caps are available for all weather conditions and styles.

Both cool beanies in the boarder look, knitted winter hats as well as winter-ready hat variants are just waiting to be carried out by us-in all weather! Stylish hats have not only practical use, they crown your winter look with a cozy change! “Guarded” Perfect’s go then do not get out: Whether on a Sunday stroll through their autumn leaves or winter snow scene, while strolling through the city for Christmas Buy, mulled wine drinking at the Christmas market or fast descents on the slopes: hats are the trend Accessory for the cold season matching functionality and style!

The Trendiest Hats Trends Of The Season

Whether sporty, cool or romantic-playful: Trendy head covers for autumn and winter can be found in a variety of cuddly-warm variants and can be combined quite easily!

Here come some of the hottest Mützentrends 2015:

If you’re looking for a casual streetwear look,Oversize caps or casual beanies are a great choice: combine a loose-fitting knit hat with your favorite shirt, cozy joggpants or boyfriend jeans, comfortable shoes, a cuddly long cardigan from Grobstrick or a trendy egggape coat Relaxed stroll with the best friend!

A little more elegant with a soft-knitted cap of fine material such as cashmere or alpaca wool, which looks super to classic jacket or coat variants such as a single-breasted or a duffle coat.

Shielding caps not only protect the head from cooling, they also offer “visibility” when it is snowing or raining. They are made of soft knit material as well as weatherproof material-perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who like to travel outdoors, despite the wind and weather.

Poodle or pommel hats are actually a winter classic, but this year is still extremely trendy!They are available in fine and coarse-grained versions, from fleece, one-color, patterned as well as with glamorous “topping” like sequin or fur pompoms. Some manufacturers even rely on an individually combinable hat and bobbin combi! Who next to a conspicuous Bommel also want to see earcups and cords at his cap, reaches to the cozy Norwegian cap.

Caps in the style of pilots with earcups are the perfect choice for women who are looking for sportive styles. For a warm down or quilting jacket, the casual flycases, which are often made of lined (artificial) leather as well as the cool Moda style parka, fit. Teddyfutter or lambskin are great warmers with a high style factor.

Large fur hats made of artificial fur are a clever way to keep the head warm in cold weather.They match both feminine outfits with vintage appeal (Dr. Schiwago salutes!) As well as more sporty looks.

Funny hats in animal head or fruit form are a real must-have for all who would like to miss their look with a humorous accent. A knitted strawberry or a sweet panda face on the head does not only make for warm ears, but you and your environment conjure a smile in the face!

The tramp-bear (also called Uschanka ) is the perfect companion, thanks to fleece or fur trim lining, to get casual and warm through the winter! Typical for the trendy head covers are the foldable earcups.

Also the lids of our childhood are back! With a nice Norwegian pattern, cheerfully lined up or in a good-mood color, they put an accent on the accent and accompany you through the winter time in an uncomplicated way.

There are a variety of different sides to choose from, which you can choose for your outfit.While a hooded side is made of fleece in subtle gray, the other features a colorful knitted pattern.

Feminine caps in the style of French berets or pretty felt hats with elaborate appliqués or embroideries are real eyecatchers, which look particularly beautiful to simple or elegant looks and almost resemble small works of art.

Even in cold weather, sporting athletes can rely on functional caps to keep their heads warm during skiing, snowboarding, hiking or running. Functional insoles for the cold season isolate heat optimally, while transporting the moisture generated by activity away from the head and thus reduce the risk of cold. Many also feature reflective elements, so you can be seen well in the dark when you are outdoors.

Whether monochrome, colorful patterned, glittering embroidered or embroidered with appliqués such as fabric blossoms or ruffles, hand-knitted by a dear person or with functional aspects such as wind and water tightness: caps are not to be imagined by our heads in autumn and winter looks.

Well Protected By Autumn & Winter: Hats Are The Trend Accessory Of The Season!

However, it is not just hats which make this autumn and winter look nice and warm on the head: Hats are also a very hot trend theme! In the following we will present some of the fashionable hat styles and reveal how to design them. For Bad Hair Days, there is hardly a more stylish option than a hat! We also provide tips on the appropriate hat dressing.

The melon

For example, the melon is worn: If the melon has long been a recognition feature of Charlie Chaplin, it has developed into the fashion hipster (both male and female)! In classic black, the melon matches both jeans and leather jacket as well as more chic looks. Since it can be a little more colorful in winter, our favorite melons are in bright colors like pink, orange or yellow.Typical for the melon trend: wear the hat deep down the back of the head! Perfectly matching casual looks in subtle colors, the hat color can be picked up with accessories.

The hairstyle to the melon: Super with melon function short hair cuts, a middle-bob Bob or a so-called “Clavi-Cut”, which reaches up to the key bones. If the hair is longer, best to the classic, low-lying braid in the neck, or wear a herringbone or side-head in the undone look that does not steal the hat from the show.

The Fedora

This is how Fedora is worn : The classic Fedora, which you should know as a gentleman’s hat, for example, from the majority of detective or mafia films of the last decades, also regularly undergoes a small trend revival in women’s fashion. The broad-brimmed, soft felt hat is folded down along the hat crown and pinched on both sides at the front. With or without a hat band, a Fedora automatically adds a casual-masculine touch to a look and fits both Brit-chic outfits such as a trench coat or plaid wool coat, as well as rockier leather jacket looks or boho outfits, such as a cozy fur vest with skinny jeans And roll collar sweaters. The color selection should be discreet – Fedoras can be combined in cream, camel, brown or gray tones. Black goes, of course, always.

The Fedora’s hairstyle: whether short or long, open or closed: the Fedora is very flexible in hair styling. As a contrast to the female mane, he makes elegant looks more casual, but he can give a casual twist to casual styled outfits.

The beret

This is how to wear the beret: baretts combine military rigor with French esprit, giving a particularly extravagant look especially to very feminine looks. Feminine outfits in retro style, such as hip flowered dresses in the style of the 1940s, 50s sexyness or cool 70s looks underline the beret in a stylish way as well as cool, androgynous looks with military elements such as coats with shoulder flaps or simple sheepskin boots.

The hairstyle for the beret: To a long, openly worn hair (whether smooth or curled) a beret looks sexy, too strict short hair cuts against it cheeky and unadjusted. Underline your femininity with retro styling such as a deep side crest, a voluminous sideknot or a pixie cut with hairpin and wax.

The bell-cap

This is how you wear the bell hat: Retrolooks are also hard to find in the fashion of the hat”en vogue”-the bell-hats sitting deep in the forehead let you revive the mundane look of the 1920s! At that time, as now, Glockenhüte inspire both as a simple felt version and with opulent decoration, for example with sequins, frills or blossom applications. With a soft bell hat you can protect the head in a very feminine way from the cold because it reaches over the ears! A bell-hat looks especially nice to romantic-playful looks, but also fits super straight-strung-outfits in the minimalist style.

DHe hairstyle to the bell hat: Due to the shape of the bellcap close to the head, a low-set braid, horse tail, dutt or smooth open hair is the best choice for “under it”. Playful and girlish braided undone looks. Short hair or a straight bob fit also very well to the flattering bell shape.

The Cap

This is how you wear the cap: Sporty and well-guarded, you get the classic basecap through the winter with a “cuddly” version of the classic baseball cap: from fleece, felt or warmly padded you can enjoy the casual style that matches Parka with boyfriend jeans and sneakers As for the wadded functional jacket.

The hairstyle to the cap: Closed long hair or open whales? Sleeker short haircut or uncomplicated “half-length”? The cap fits everything! Horse tails can be pulled through the usually existing “gap” at the back of the head, with braided braids a winter cap girls and also active outdoor units!

Want to get hats? Then be on your guard for your new favorite part for the winter and style with trendy trend-looks, which also keep you warm when snow and wind outside have the say!

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Accents set with cool caps-Wintery-warming favorite styles

The most beautiful thing about hats (apart from the fact that they warm us so wonderfully when it’s cold outside) is that you can combine them to your own mood, creating new looks. Our favorite caps-combi for all weather bet we here:

Autumn gray in gray: A colored overcime knitted hat or a colorful beanie fit perfectly to a relaxed XXL sweater with cable pattern, which is combined to the figurbetonenden Legg- or Jeggings and Botties. With scarf and gloves in the color of your cap you round off your autumn feel-good-outfit.

Rain & Wind: It ‘s best to wear a casual hat with a screen that prevents the rain from blowing into your eyes. Also a big-brimmed hat from solid felt, which is drawn deep into the forehead, can be a real luck-grip with high style factor. Fits particularly to boho and hippie looks, such as a leather sheath with sheepskin lining or a long wool coat that is worn to feminine retro looks such as a flowered dress, long cardigan, pantyhose and lace-up boots or percussions, slim roll-neck sweater and fur vest.

The first snow: Warm and cool look you can wear it in a sporty coarse knitted hat in Norwegian style, a trappermütze or even a sweet pommel hat. All fit particularly well to warming down or quilts, lined parkas or classic woolen gowns (in this season like patterned or in bright color!)

Climbing cold When it’s really cold outside, a Russian-looking artificial fur cap comes as a cue! It gives you feminine elegance, but also fits into casual styles, because you put an exciting contrast. Also lined knitted hats or fleece caps are a good choice when it is very cold because they isolate the body heat particularly well.

As far as color selection is concerned, this season you can put on classic colors such as black, gray, beige or cream, but also let off with cool caps! Pink, red, turquoise, yellow or orange set accents and at the same time act against “overshooting” in dark weather! In terms of patterns are both ethno-knitted patterns as well as plait, rib-or coarse-knit variants and trendy leopard look you can not come by!

Which Cap For Which Face Shape?

You think you do not have a “face”? False thought: to each pot fits as well as a lid! Not only for every kind of weather, but also for every face or head shape is the right cap!

Basically the cap you should choose:

To fit your stature

With your outfit

Highlight your character

The facial shape also plays a decisive role in choosing the right cap. Find out here which cap flatters which facial shape:

Caps for narrow, oval faces: If you have a narrow face, you should not use caps that are too high or too thin or wider than the chin, because the face will be even narrower and longer.Perfect are shield caps, trappermütze, Beanies with wide impact or Pudelmützen with small pommel.

Caps for round faces: The cap should not emphasize the round shape of the face. The best are voluminous caps, which fall casually, roughly knitted beanies, pommel or umbrella cap. The cap a little in the face pull or slant to flatter the face shape!

Caps for square faces: With an angular face, forehead and chin part are approximately the same width. Caps should not create additional volume. A small envelope makes the brow look less wide, eye-catching like bobble or ear flaps distractingly look away. Also perfect are the Basque, flying, poodle and shield caps.

Caps for heart-shaped faces: A broad forehead and a pointed chin characterize a heart-shaped face. Again, the cap should not make the brow look even wider! Caps with earcups, cords, screen or pommel are ideal. Even a finely knitted beanie makes the front part seem less dominant.

Admittedly: the decision for the right cap is not easy! But why decide at all? You can never have enough hats and with different variations you can bring a cozy change into the dark season!Pack your warmth and nothing like getting out into the fresh air-this is not only good for presenting your favorite winter outfit with the matching cap to the public, but also to do something for your defenses!