Clock Centering 2016-You Can Wear It

Clock Centering 2016-You Can Wear It

If I was a little late with the end of the last two years, this is different in 2016. This time, I present to you in March, hip clock trends for the man of the world in 2016. Because as you probably already learned from reading from, wrist watches are more for me than a way to read the time. I see this as a necessary essential for a successful outfit.

Because the right wristwatch can contribute a lot to the style of an outfit, but in the wrong choice also depreciate. So a Black Tie Event does not fit a colorful, playful clock, nor do you prefer a dress-watch during the diving holiday. But do not worry about such details, I will inform you in my further posts at the end of this post.Now we are going to devote ourselves to the Wrist Watch Center 2016.

Uhrentrends 2016-What Is The Order?

A question you can ask yourself every year. Sure, watches from 2015 can also be worn in 2016 without a bad conscience. Only this is perhaps not quite as trendy. But here I am always of the opinion that their own taste and the feeling when wearing comes from some trends. After all, you should be comfortable with it and do not strap around the wrist, which is not like, but is in trend.

Downsizing, Because Less Is Simply More

It has been apparent since the end of 2015 that wrist watches come back a little more discreetly and smaller. Were 2014 clocks , which were large as a coffee plate, 2016 small copies, which are to please.

A trend which I like well, because even I have no huge arms and it just looks unfavorable, if one has narrow arms and a huge wristwatch. One can probably assume that housing sizes of wristwatches in the range of 39 to 42 millimeters, when one watches sports watches, elegant dress watches can be partly still underneath.

With Classics You Are On The Safe Side

In addition to small, discreet housings, there are also changes on the dial of the watches. If these were lately overloaded too much with functions, advertisements and other technical refinements, one can think of 2016 on classic and simple dials. The trend is in 2016 to simplify and, above all, cleared digits, which convince by not being struck when he watches his wristwatch.

This is a development that appeals to me personally, since I also prefer a minimalist approach. Not only for watches, but also for clothing, shoes and everyday things. Products that get to the point and focus on the essentials, without snickering know always to inspire me.

Vintage Watches Get Their Second Chance

Vintage watches are strong in coming. This is actually no specific clock center in 2016, but has long been announced. Be it modern watches that are retro inspired or wristwatches which still come from their own grandfather and thus have a natural vintage character.

The vintage note on wristwatches will, however, be a little more subtle and reserved in 2016. Instead of hitherto obvious Heritage references, such as sweeping lettering in sepia tone and brownish radiance in the aged radium look, the watches 2016 are distinguished by vintage attributes such as fine lines and contours as well as the deliberate elimination of eye-catching design elements from modern ones Alternatives.

Stainless Steel And White Gold Are Often Seen

In the past years, when you’ve been trying out a wide variety of materials for cases and bracelets, you’ll recognize that the watch is a classic of wrist watch materials: stainless steel and white gold.Not surprising, they not only look good, but also convince through the longevity and polishability of the material.

An advantage which, especially with vintage watches, leads to the fact that these are still in good condition even after tens of years.White gold is likely to be the 2016 alternative to the hip rose gold of last year. Personally, a little more to me than the Rosé variant, what do you like better?

Customizing For A Little More Individuality

If one connects with wristwatches more than the mere display of time, one is also not the type man, who wants to wear a watch, which carry tens of others. The own note must then go through a bit and this customization for the personal requirements 2016 is much easier. So many watches come from the house with the possibility to exchange the bracelets.

Without much effort, with a few small handles, the black leather strap can be removed and replaced by a brown or a fabric bracelet, depending on what you are looking for. The possibility of matching the leather strap style, day by day, with the rest of the wardrobe, depending on the color and style, ensures that you can enjoy your watch for a long time.

The watch lover has not been content with a single wristwatch for a long time, but has an assortment of several timepieces which he can adapt to the outfit. He especially likes to do these days with different types of leather bracelet, which are matched with the rest of the wardrobe depending on the color and style.

Cool Colors In Warm Months

The dials of watches are determined this year by cool colors. Blue is still one of the trend colors in 2016 and can be found in various nuances on our time monitors. Whether a dark Navy blue or a bright blue tone, the different features of this color will characterize the style of a variety of watches.

A Conclusion To The Clock Ends In 2016

So how does it look, my conclusion to the clock centers in 2016? In any case, I would like to keep wristwatches simpler, more classical and discreet. There is more emphasis placed on less. High-quality materials and the possibility of its own individual touch to give back more center stage. In addition, they move away from the size of the coffee grinders, to narrower alternatives.

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