You can stay in Chiang Mai even in a yoga retreat

You can stay in Chiang Mai even in a yoga retreat.

Via Bangkok to northern Thailand

Finnish travel agencies sell some travel packages to Chiang Mai. However, this is not a typical package holiday destination with guides and services.

The easiest way to get to Finland from northern Thailand on your own is through Bangkok . Finnair has daily direct flights from Helsinki to Bangkok, and alternative connections can be found from Norwegian and Qatar Airways, for example. Round-trip flights to Bangkok usually cost around € 500-800.

It is easy to continue on from Bangkok with a connecting flight to Chiang Mai. Competition between airlines is fierce, so sometimes a flight of just over an hour may take off in just a few dozen.

If slower and greener travel is attractive, there are also regular train and bus connections between the cities. A popular way to fold a trip of just over ten hours is to travel in a sleeping car on a night train.

Accommodation from one end to the other

Chiang Mai offers accommodation options for both the more demanding traveler and the budget traveler. The old town is full of comfortable and affordable inns, while luxury boutique hotels and international chains favored by business travelers represent the other extreme. Spa hotels with pampering treatments are also popular in the city.

Chiang Mai is a favorite destination in northern Thailand, so a traveler looking for a specific hotel or inn should book their accommodation well in advance. There are also plenty of hostels available for backpackers where it is easy to meet other travelers.

Easy transport links

The peaceful Chiang Mai is easy to reach on foot. By staying in a central location, the traveler can guarantee to be able to walk to the main attractions.

Biking adventure is a great way to see Chiang Mai. Also, motorcycling with normal caution is safe in Chiang Mai. Renting both vehicles is easy and cheap.

Longer distances can be folded, for example, in a tuk-tuk or taxi ride. Songthaew jump taxis are also affordable travel games. Of course, you can also rent a car if you want – daily prices range from 1000-2000 baht (about 25-50 euros).



Chiang Mai has a huge number of magnificent temples.

Temples dazzle all over the city

Chiang Mai is known for its magnificent temples. The magnificent temples or watts built around the city are the most popular attractions in the area.

One of the most impressive temples is considered to be Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, located just outside the city, built on a high mountain top. You can either climb more than 300 steps to the temple or choose the elevator transportation.

Wat Suan Dok, on the other hand, hosts chat sessions with Buddhist monks. The monks are happy to practice English, and the traveler, in turn, gets a unique glimpse into their lifestyle. Monks should be remembered to be respected by covering their shoulders and knees.

Other notable temples include Wat Chiang Man, the city’s oldest temple, and Wat Phra Singh, known for its magnificent Buddha statue.

The night market invites you to shop

The Chiang Mai Night Market is a must-see for every traveler. The evening quickly walks as you walk the alleys of the bazaar and go shopping. The market sells goods from souvenirs to clothing, jewelery and home furnishings. Chiang Mai, known as the city of artisans, naturally also has the handicrafts of the locals represented. Reasonable bargaining is part of the nature of the market.

When hunger strikes, help can be found nearby. The night market is full of food stalls with delicious curries, noodles and fresh fruit.

Thai culture at the National Museum

For culture travel time worth a visit to Chiang Mai National Museum, which houses a wide range of Lanna artwork and -käsitöitä. The word Lanna is typically used to refer to the culture, art and traditions of Northern Thailand.

For a small entrance fee, the traveler gets to experience a completely different piece of Thailand.

Elephant Nature Park takes care of elephants

About an hour’s drive from Chiang Mai, Elephant Nature Park is a prestigious elephant shelter where you don’t have to worry about witnessing circus tricks. Day trippers get to help caretakers wash and feed the elephants. Longer-term volunteering is also successful.

The university is an interesting place to visit

Chiang Mai University is Thailand’s most prestigious university outside the Bangkok area. Tourists can visit the campus to glimpse Thai student life. The university also runs a small art museum.



At Elephant Nature Park, you can get in close contact with elephants ethically.

The best temples in Chiang Mai

  1. Wat Phra That Doi Suthep on a high mountain top
  2. Wat Phra Singh, home to the city’s most famous Buddha statue
  3. Wat Chiang Man, the oldest temple in Chiang Mai
  4. Wat U Mong with its impressive tunnel networks
  5. Wat Suan Dok, where you can go to a chat session with the monks

The best experiences in Chiang Mai

  1. Experience mountain hiking in a group
  2. Spend the day as an elephant caretaker at Elephant Nature Park
  3. Attend a cooking, meditation or massage course
  4. The Flight of the Gibbon tour is perfect for those who enjoy the pace of drugs
  5. Shop and sample delicious Thai food at the night market
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