Basics In Black And White-That Always Goes

Basics In Black And White-That Always Goes

It does not always have to be unusual colors or extremely creative patterns, which make sure that one’s clothes are striking and especially pleasing. Sometimes less simple and more minimalistic approaches tend to be more convincing than particularly outlandish outfits. For this reason, I decided to put together a few basics, for the wardrobe of the modern man, which can be combined with each other to create simple, minimalistic but nevertheless handsome styles.

In the following there are now individual garments, sorted according to black and white, each with a short comment on my part, what I like about it or why I think they belong in your wardrobe. As with most of my listings, this is definitely not final and can be complemented by your own ideas. Especially interesting pieces, which I have not listed, you can share with me and the other readers in the comments.

Basics In Black-This Is Part Of Your Wardrobe

Something that belongs in every wardrobe are black t-shirts, such as the Jack & Jones JJCOSMASH-T-Shirt basic-black. These can be worn in the summer alone on a simple jeans as well as shorts, can be worn under a cardigan in the late summer and under the sweater in winter. Quasi an all-round talent in fashion and therefore at least from my point of view to think of no wardrobe.
Just as black t-shirts count to a must-have in a man’s wardrobe, at least one sensible, black shirt, like this one from Lindbergh, is alsoa must. This can be worn loose and casual on high-heeled sleeves, if you are traveling with friends on summer evenings, or even for business events or occasions that you do not want to appear with a T-shirt.
A black sweater, like this Benetton sweater, should be in the closet.This is probably a bit too thin for the winter, but in the summer it can be casually worn as jackets. And with a bright, bright shirt, he also makes a convincing impression during his professional career.Certainly a piece of clothing with which nothing is wrong.
If you are not so focused on the round neckline of the previous sweater, check out the HUGO SORINUS-sweater-black. This is also a chic knit sweater, but this time with a V-neck. This one can be combined well with a shirt, but it also makes a good impression on its own.
The something like the Freaky Nation DAVIDSON-leatherjacke-black in any wardrobe is missing is also clear, right? Leatherjackets I personally could never have enough, even if you can only wear one. The black version of the leatherjacket is still the most common, whereby I must say that I also liked colored. The style of this jacket is rather minimalistic, reserved and fits well with a rather bright shirt.
A chic fabric pants like this from Dickies is in itself a must in the wardrobe. Clearly I prefer jeans or Chinos rather than a pure cloth pants. But just when you are invited to a wedding or a big birthday, it may be a bit more chic. On such occasions a cloth trousers simply come more fitting. And even at high temperatures, a fabric pant is more comfortable to wear. So maybe an alternative to jeans?
A black suit, such as this Strellson Premium ALLAN-MERCER SLIM FIT in anthracite may not be missing. With a black suit you can do nothing wrong. No matter if in business, on a wedding or even at a funeral, this is always appropriate.

Alternatively a black suit would be a good choice. These are already available in similar price categories as high-quality suits off the shelf, but then fit a lot better, which of course looks even better.
Something that is also a must-have is black socks. These are usually available in packs with several pairs, such as this s.Oliver 8 PACK socks-black. Just when you wear a pair of chic leather shoes, one should not distract them from unsuitable squeaky socks.Alternatively, of course, you can also put on these socks, only then this should actually be wanted. Otherwise one is not wrong with black socks in everyday life.

Basics In White-This Is Part Of Your Wardrobe

As well as black shirts belong to the basic clothing, I also include reasonable white t-shirts, like the Jack & Jones JJCOSMASH-T-Shirt basic-white with it. Here, too, you have a wide range of combinations with other items of clothing and, in case of doubt, Slim-Fit cut t-shirts can still be used as an undershirt.
If you have a black shirt hanging in the closet, you should not do without the white counterpart. The Tommy Hilfiger IVY OXFORD-shirt-classic white or other white shirts help make your own appearance appear a little more neat and you can wear a matching shirt to create a different impression. Personally, I prefer a slim-fit cut because I do not necessarily like the shirt hanging down like a potato sack.
Unfortunately, it has to be acknowledged, the fall / winter is coming in and with this cooler temperatures. Therefore, it makes sense to have a sweater like the Esprit knit sweater-off white in the closet. He warms quite well and still looks very stylish.Personally, I especially like the playful appearance of the sweater.
Of the season, of course, it fits more into the summer than in the autumn. But no problem, it is in this post Basics and the are intended for the whole year. The s.Oliver Shorts-white you can wear also next summer. In combination with a colorful poloshirt or simply combined with a black T-shirt you have already found the perfect summer outfit.
Here I must honestly confess that I am only this year on the taste come in the Unterhemden. So I noticed that if I wear it under my shirt, sweat, but at least the shirt does not stick directly to the skin.However, I strongly recommend paying attention to the following:Tommy Hilfiger 3 PACK-Bottom Shirt/Shirt-bright white on HARTSELLECLOTHING. Because these are like a T-shirt go over the armpit and so also in this area the shirt does not get wet.
Black socks to suit, white, short socks for sneakers. So at least this is handled with me. Short socks like the s.Oliver 6 PACK-Socks-white come in a pack with several pairs of socks and make sure that I always have some on hand when I want to run my sneakers. I can only recommend.

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