According to ablogtophone, Bartow, Florida is a charming city located in the heart of Polk County. It is surrounded by several other cities and towns, each offering its own unique attractions and activities.

To the north of Bartow lies the city of Lakeland. This vibrant city is home to many popular attractions such as the Lakeland Center, which hosts a variety of events throughout the year, and Joker Marchant Stadium, which is home to the Detroit Tigers’ spring training games. Other popular places include Circle B Bar Reserve, a nature preserve with hiking trails and wildlife viewing opportunities; Hollis Garden, a beautiful botanical garden; and Polk Museum of Art, which features art from around the world.

To the east lies Winter Haven, an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. The Chain O’ Lakes offers plenty of activities such as fishing, boating and kayaking while Legoland Florida Resort provides family-friendly fun with rides, shows and interactive experiences. Other attractions in Winter Haven include Cypress Gardens Adventure Park with its thrilling water slides and animal encounters; Gatorland Zoo with its alligators and crocodiles; and Bok Tower Gardens with its stunning gardens and carillon tower.

South of Bartow lies Mulberry where visitors can explore historic sites such as Fort Fraser or take a stroll through Peace River Park. Other attractions here include Fantasy Of Flight Museum & Gallery which showcases vintage aircrafts; Bok Tower Gardens & Singing Tower Carillon which features beautiful gardens and carillon music performances; Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens where visitors can observe exotic animals in their natural habitats; or Pioneer Park which offers camping facilities for those who wish to spend their nights outdoors under the stars.

West of Bartow lies Auburndale where visitors can find local shops along Main Street or enjoy some family-friendly fun at Legoland Florida Resort or Fantasy Of Flight Museum & Gallery. There are also several golf courses in this area including Wedgewood Golf Course or Lake Region Yacht And Country Club for those who wish to practice their swings outdoors.

Overall, Bartow is surrounded by several cities and towns each offering its own unique experiences for visitors to enjoy!

Bartow, Florida

Population of Bartow, Florida

Bartow is a city located in the central part of Florida with a population of approximately 17,000 people. It is the county seat of Polk County and is just north of Lakeland, making it part of the greater Tampa Bay area. The city has a diverse population with people from all walks of life and backgrounds. The median age in Bartow is 37.8 years old, slightly lower than the national average, and the population consists mostly of married couples and families.

The racial makeup of Bartow is 73.3% White, 15.3% African American, 0.6% Native American, 1.1% Asian, 6.7% from other races, and 2.9% from two or more races. The city has a large Hispanic population at 24%, which is much higher than the national average of 18%. The median household income in Bartow is $43,110 with 11.4% of the population living below the poverty line.

Bartow is home to a variety of businesses and industries including healthcare, education, retail trade and manufacturing. The city also has a vibrant arts community with many galleries and museums to explore as well as numerous parks and recreational areas for outdoor activities. Bartow also hosts many festivals throughout the year such as the annual Polk County Fair in October and the Florida Strawberry Festival in March that attract thousands of people each year from all over Central Florida and beyond.

Overall, Bartow is a vibrant city that offers something for everyone to enjoy! With its diverse population and wide range of activities available it’s no wonder why so many people call it home!

Schools and Education in Bartow, Florida

Bartow, Florida is home to a variety of educational opportunities. The city is served by the Polk County Public Schools system, which includes 10 elementary schools, 4 middle schools, and 3 high schools. The district also offers various specialty programs such as the International Baccalaureate Program and the Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) program.

In addition to public schools, there are several private education options in Bartow including Bartow Christian Academy, a K-12 school that provides an education based on Christian values. There are also various charter schools in the area such as Discovery Academy of Science and SEEDS Charter School which offer specialized curriculum for students of all ages.

Higher education opportunities can be found at Polk State College located just outside of Bartow in nearby Winter Haven. The college offers associate degrees as well as bachelor’s degrees in a variety of majors including business administration and healthcare management.

Bartow has a strong commitment to providing quality educational opportunities for its citizens and is dedicated to helping students reach their full potential. With its wide range of public and private schools, as well as higher education options, it’s easy to see why so many choose to call Bartow home!

Places of Interest in Bartow, Florida

Bartow, Florida is home to a variety of places of interest for visitors and residents alike. The city is known for its historic downtown area which features a number of shops, restaurants, and attractions. One popular spot is the Bartow Public Library which houses numerous books, magazines, and other resources. The library also offers various events such as story time for children and book clubs for adults.

The city is also home to a number of parks and recreational areas including the Bartow Civic Center Complex which offers sports fields, playgrounds, picnic areas, trails, and more. Additionally, the nearby Lake Hancock Park provides a great spot to enjoy fishing or boating while taking in the beautiful views of the lake.

For those interested in history, there are several museums in Bartow including the Polk County Historical Museum that showcases artifacts from the area’s past as well as military memorabilia from World War II. Visitors can also explore Fort Blount Park which was once an important fort during the Second Seminole War.

Finally, Bartow has several annual festivals such as the Polk County Fair in October and the Florida Strawberry Festival in March that draw thousands of people each year from all over Central Florida and beyond. With its diverse offerings of places to visit it’s easy to see why so many people call Bartow home!

Bartow, Florida Population, Schools and Places of Interest
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