Baby on The Way? 4 Clear Signs That The Birth Is Imminent

Towards the end of the pregnancy, many expectant moms are getting nervous. Is already a first woe the Tweets in your stomach? These signs point to an imminent birth.

All women on the birth of their baby forward after 40 weeks of pregnancy . But when is it finally? And how can you distinguish real contractions from practice contractions?Most women are unsure just when the first child. Watch for the following signs. When they enter, the birth is imminent:

The 1st sign about 4 weeks before birth: the lowering of the abdomen

The lowering of the abdomen is the first sign that announces the birth. Most of the expectant Mommy’s belly is lowered about four weeks before the birth, the baby will take in the birth position and falls headlong deeper into the pool. The belly is this hard and and the pregnant woman can feel a pull in the back. However: Not all babies turn, some remain in breech. Accordingly the belly not lowered also.

The 2nd sign about 2-10 days before the birth: drawing

A significantly more reliable sign of the birth is the finish of the slime pfropfes, what is known as a drawing. The mucus seals the cervix during pregnancy and prevents germs from getting into it. By the opening of the cervix, he dissolves and goes as a whitish liquid, which can be mixed with some blood. In most cases the mucus loosens up, two days before the birth, some women already ten days in advance. Because appearance and size of the slime pfropfs can vary greatly, notice not all expectant mums, if he goes off.

The 3 signs a few hours before the birth: the rupture of the membranes

Short before it really gets going, the rupture takes place. The tearing of the amniotic sac and amniotic fluid leakage are very strong signs that starts the birth. Contractions use in most cases in the next few hours, as long as they have not been used.

, By the way: Not all pregnancy women, a great torrent leaking amniotic fluid. High tear the amniotic sac and the baby is head down to the pelvis, the head prevents that escapes the liquid as a torrent. It runs rather slowly.

Last signs of the impending birth: the onset of labor

Many becoming Mamas exercise labour, in which the stomach painful draw together have in the last few weeks before the birth. Just when the first child, they often don’t know if there are proper contractions and thus a sign of the birth or if it takes a while.

It recognizes their proper contractions:

  • Real contractions do not subside if you changed your position.
  • Real contractions do not subside in warm water when you sit in a bathtub with warm water.
  • Real contractions are stronger and more intense, shorten the time intervals.
  • Real contractions broadcast not only in the lower abdomen, but also in the back area as well as the entire abdominal cavity.

More signs that can indicate the birth

In addition to rupture, draw and labor, there are a few more signs that stand for an upcoming birth. Some pregnant women struggling with nausea and diarrhea. Others complain of muscle tremors or severe back pain. But, these complaints must not occur.

When should you go to the hospital?

The first contractions until the moment in which you hold your baby in your arms, can take many hours. For this reason, you must not get at the first sign of impending birth on the way to the hospital.

Drive in any case in the hospital if your – broke no matter, whether you have been labor or not. Also you should get on the road, if the contractions at intervals from five to seven minutes come and they take longer than 20 seconds.