Autumn Eyeshadow In Low To Medium Price Segment

In my weeks back I had already announced to you a new blog category and I am hugely that today I can finally open the secret! Because in the last few weeks I have worked with Melanie von Mel et fel on a new concept. The theme is”$$$ vs. $” And we will present you our favorite products from a certain category once a month.

We start directly with the Herbstlidschatten. The special feature: we also focus on the price of the products. While Melanie is limited to high-end products, I try to showcase products from the low and medium price segments. The action is designed as a blog parade, so you can show us your favorite products. In doing so, you can count on a price class so that at the end of a blog parade we can see whether this topic was favorable or expensive. I am the opinion: Good is not only with the luxury brands and am anxious, which price category in the autumn eyeshadow will be ahead For further information on the participation you can read below.

Autumn Eyeshadow: Cheap To Medium Price

In autumn, I like to use brown eyeshadows, gold and green tones. But also Violet in all variants I find very suitable. All my selected products cost under 15 €. I would like to start with the mono-eyeshadow. Here I have been rubbing in my make-up drawer and also found some long-forgotten treasures. My selection is in the cheap to medium price segment. The cheapest mono eyeshadow costs just 1.49 €, the most expensive from my selection 4.90 €. The products can be found either in the drugstore or at KIKO.

Left to right:

1) Rival de Loop Young Eyeshadow 09 “Jungle Fever” (1,49 €)

Fir green with silver, metallic shimmer, good pigmentation. Currently available at Rossmann in the standard range.

2) Catrice Absolute Eye Color 410 “C’mon Chameleon!” (2,79 €)

Brown-green, duochrome eyeshadow, which also makes itself very well on the eye. Listed and no longer available. Surely still available through Kleiderkreisel & Co.

3) KIKO Infinity Eyeshadow 261 “Pearly Indian Green” (4,90 €)

Sattes, shimmering frog green. Currently available in Standardsortiment.

4) Catrice Absolute Eye Color 450 “Oh, Its Toffeeful!” (2,79 €)

Light copper with fine shimmer. Listed and no longer available. Maybe you have luck about gowns or blogs.

5) Catrice spectaculART Pure Crhome Eyeshadow C01 “So Precious” (3,99 €)

Shimmering greenish gold. Limited and no longer available.

Let’s go to the eyeshadow pallets. A cheap brand that immediately came to my mind is Sleek ! The pallets I find very successful and for the price of almost ten euros simply unbeatable. That makes just about 80 cents per eyeshadow. Since you can also get over it, if times colors are contained, which find less favor. A particularly beautiful Sleek pallet for the autumn is theSleek Vintage Romance Eye Shadow Palette
(9,99 €). I still know what hype they triggered last year when they appeared. I had to order them, of course, and do not regret it.

Currently the KIKO Queen of Hearts Eyeshadow Palette 01 “Essential Brown” (14,90 €) from the Daring Game Collection. The colors do not appear extraordinary yet, but it is a solid, brown eyeshadow quattro. The packaging I find very successful. If you’re still waiting for it, you might find a palette as a bargain on sale. The eyeshadows have a good color output and can be applied beautifully to the eyelid and blind. The colors: copper
with a bit of silver glitter / shimmering, warm brown / light beige
with fine shimmer and dull dark brown.

Participation: Autumn Eyeshadow In Low To Medium Price Segment

You want to participate in the blog parade? As mentioned above, we would like to ask you to restrict yourself to a price class. Decide on your favorite autumn eyeshadow for either the cheap / medium price or the expensive high end eyeshadows. Which price category has the nose in front, which eyeshadow you better? What is important to us is our preferences and quality, not the quantity.

For me the contributions are uploaded, which relate to the favorable to medium price segment. At Mel et fel the high-priced high-end eye shadow. Please refer in your post to the $$$ vs. $ Blogparade. This round ends on 24 November. The logo is of course welcome to be used. Uploaded posts that do not affect the $$$ vs. $ Blog parade will be deleted unasked.