Answer Iphone Calls On An Android Wear? Yes, It Is Possible

We recently realized that it was possible to connect an Android Wear smart watch to a non-Android device, where a programmer, Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh, was able to get notifications received on his iPhone transmitted to his Android smartphone clock, which in this case It was a Moto 360.

But will this young man stay here?

Human nature would not allow this young man to stay by simple notifications. Since the last video shared, Mohammad has continued to explore this bridge (unofficial) linking the world of Apple to the world of Google, more specifically, the bridge that links the iPhone to Android Wear. And Mohammad, from a new video, shows that it is possible to receive in an intelligent Android clock, in this case in a Moto 360, much more than just notifications.

In this new video we can see that Mohammad is able to answer or reject a call that is being received on his iPhone.

And by all accounts, all this is possible due to the Apple Notification Service Center present in iOS. Service, which in addition to allowing the notifications to be retransmitted, also allows some decisions can be made through the communication between the iPhone and Android Wear, as you can see in this video shared by Mohammad.

Of course this does not allow users to directly answer a call through their watch, however, it allows users to receive notifications and make decisions through a smart watch not marketed by Apple, all without the iPhone being jailbroken