Android App for Bovespa Shares

Android App for Bovespa Shares

When I upgraded from my Motorola Milestone to Android 2.2.1 using the ShadowModBR distribution, I was already following the Stock’s stock on my Android. I used the Stock Alert app , which allowed me to track the up and down stocks of my wallet almost in real time (15-minute intervals) with widget and everything on the home screen. After updating to version 2.2.1, the Stock Alert Widget stopped working. This made me go out in search of a more up-to-date program.

Android App for Bovespa Shares

Among the various options available in the Play Store, I found Stock Quote.

Using Stock Quote to follow Bovespa

Stock Quote allows you to place widgets with the roles of companies that you want to monitor, and may even keep open a complete list with the actions of your portfolio. The configuration is simpler and more straightforward than in Stock Alert, and the most cute and stable widget as well.

To add a Brazilian paper to the stock list in Stock Quote, place an .SA after the name. Thus, to put PETR4 in your list, enter PETR4.SA as the name of the stock. Ready. You can add several roles and see all of them at the same time. Compensates to use a whole workspace just for that on the phone.

I also downloaded the official BM & F Bovespa application for Android , which has improved a lot in recent times. It is much better than when it was released, and it monitors stock and indexes almost in real time.

Both the Stock Quote application and the Bovespa application are available for more platforms, such as Windows, iOS, and Blackberry. Use more than one of them and come back here in the comments to give your opinion on which one helped you the most!

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