Amazon Presents Underground, Its New Store for Apps Android… Pay But Free

One of the greatest successes harvested by Amazon with its applications for Android Marketplace store It was the free app of the day, an initiative expected every morning by many users to get free payment applications for only 24 hours through Amazon.

However, now you have noticed you that this free daily application is no longer available on Amazon, and is that Internet commerce giant is planning a major shift in what refers to the sale of Android applications, a change that has a name: Amazon Underground.

Amazon changes the rules of the game with a store of payment applications that are offered for free, and it does so with an amendment to smart in the remuneration of the authors

This is the name of a new app from Amazon that is already available in selected markets – for the moment only United States, United Kingdom, France and Germany- and that It will offer hundreds of applications for payment for free and forever.

The reasons for the change are in the mode of remuneration which continue to Amazon with the developers, that from now will be charged based on the amount of time that an application is used or specifically, and not to the number of downloads of the same game. It is well known that a discharge does not imply the use of the application, and in fact many users purchased an application using the free app of the day just to have it, but then not use it.

More than 400 titles, and more than $ 10,000 in applications

Amazon Underground collection includes over 400 titles between applications and games, and it has with more than $10,000 in applications If we add up the cost of all, so that as you can infer is not a negligible change.

The business model is completely new, and is that Underground will have the advantage that applications are free always and not only for 24 hours, turning it on a pay app store but offered free, and why Amazon receives all income which then deals with developers following a rule of effective use.

Certainly an interesting movement that we enjoy the unique need for a registered Amazon account, although at the moment the new service is not available in Spain. As always, we will inform you as soon as they activated him also in our country.