Airace Fit H2 Minipump

Airace Fit H2 Minipump

Too often an important accessory for bicycles is neglected: The air pump! With the Airace Fit H2 mini pump, I have had a loyal companion on the last bike ride, which convinced not only me, but also my bike colleagues.

The Airace Fit H2 In Practice

Actually, this review should already appear in August last year. Through unfortunate additions we had so many mishaps on our cycling trip on the Rhine that the pump could be put to the test after only a few days. Since the Fit H2 was the only sensible pump in the wheel group, all other pumps were already stowed deeply in their owner’s bike pockets after the first plates.

The Handling

The pumping process is much more comfortable with the pull-out head, which can move freely from the pump body than with a fixed pump. This also protects the tire valve and the hose because you do not wobble so much.The front part and the main cylinder are easy to pack and make a quick pumping possible, without the skin pinched (everything already been there).

Up To 8 Bar Pressure

The lower cylinder can be determined by turning the red ring so that the pump reaches a pressure of up to 8 bar.For most wheels this is certainly not necessary. However, anyone who drives a road bike will appreciate this feature. In my case, the setting for larger stroke is loose. After all, the tire gets so full.


The pump itself makes a very solid impression. We have not squealed with the good piece and still could not find any serious damage or wear. Only the paint peels off somewhat, where the pump is often crushed. The markings for detecting the pump head have already disappeared. But these are not all serious wear. I am convinced I still have much pleasure with this pump.

The Attachment To The Wheel

For mounting on the bicycle, a bracket, which is adapted to the pump, is included. This can be attached to a standard bicycle bottle holder. The required screws are also included in the scope of delivery and make a high-quality impression. However, I do not use this option myself and run the pump in a bike bag with me.


Pump chamber can be pulled out to protect the tire valve

Cylinder made of aluminum

aluminum lever

Up to 8 bar power

2 modes: High pressure and high volume

mounting bracket

dust cap

Compatible: Schrader, Presta, Dunlop

More Airace PumpsAt De

I got this product free of charge from Cyclingenthusiasm for a test. This fact, however, does not affect the test. All tests and product presentations on this outdoor blog are written to the best of our knowledge.

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