Afton, Oklahoma is a small town located in the northeastern corner of the state. It is bordered by several cities and towns, each with its own unique character and attractions.

To the north of Afton lies the town of Wyandotte, Oklahoma. This small town offers a variety of outdoor activities for visitors including fishing, camping, and hiking. There are also several historical sites to explore such as the Old Wyandotte Jail and Museum.

Heading east from Afton will take you to Miami, Oklahoma. This city is home to a variety of attractions including a museum dedicated to Native American history and culture, as well as an amusement park with rides for all ages. Miami also has two golf courses that offer challenging games for experienced players as well as beginners.

Just south of Afton lies the city of Grove, Oklahoma. Here visitors can find a variety of shopping and dining options, as well as some fun family activities like mini-golf or batting cages at Grand Lake Sports Complex. Grove also has several campgrounds for those looking to spend some time outdoors in nature or enjoy water sports on Grand Lake O’ The Cherokees.

Heading west from Afton will take you to Vinita, Oklahoma where you can explore historic downtown Vinita or enjoy some time on Lake Hudson at one of the local parks or marinas. Vinita is also home to one of the largest museums in Oklahoma dedicated to Route 66 history and memorabilia.

Each city and town bordering Afton offers something unique for visitors looking for an adventure or just an escape from everyday life!

Population of Afton, Oklahoma

Afton, Oklahoma is a small city located in the northeastern corner of the state. According to the 2019 U.S. Census, Afton has a population of 2,742 people. The population is predominantly white (86%), with small percentages of African American (7%) and Native American (1%) residents.

The median age in Afton is 46 years old, slightly older than the national average of 38 years old. The majority of residents are married (56%), with a small percentage (13%) divorced or separated. The median income for households in Afton is slightly lower than the national average at $37,813 per year.

Afton has an unemployment rate of 5%, which is below the national average of 6%. The majority of employed individuals work in sales and office occupations (25%), followed by construction and extraction occupations (15%) and transportation and material moving occupations (10%).

The cost of living in Afton is slightly lower than the national average, making it an attractive place for those looking to settle down or start a business. Despite its small size, Afton offers many amenities such as schools, banks, churches, parks and recreational activities for its citizens to enjoy. There are also several annual festivals held throughout the year that draw visitors from all over Oklahoma and beyond!

Schools and Education in Afton, Oklahoma

Afton, Oklahoma is served by the Afton Public School District, which consists of three schools: Afton Elementary School, Afton Middle School, and Afton High School. The district is dedicated to providing a quality education for all its students and offers a variety of educational opportunities. Check toppharmacyschools for top psychology schools in Oklahoma.

At Afton Elementary School, students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade can participate in a variety of activities such as art, music, technology education, physical education and more. The school also offers an optional after-school program for students who wish to stay after school hours.

At Afton Middle School, students in grades six through eight participate in core classes such as math, science, social studies and language arts. Electives are also available at the middle school level such as art and music classes as well as technology education classes.

Afton High School offers college preparatory courses such as advanced placement classes and honors classes that prepare students for college-level work. The high school also provides extracurricular activities such as athletics, band and choir performances, student government events and more.

The district is committed to providing its students with the best possible education and works closely with parents to ensure their children are receiving the highest quality instruction possible. There are also several private schools located nearby that offer additional educational options for families who wish to enroll their children in a different type of learning environment.

Afton, Oklahoma

Places of Interest in Afton, Oklahoma

Afton, Oklahoma is a small town that offers its residents and visitors plenty of places to explore. The town is full of history and culture, with many attractions to visit.

One of the most popular attractions in Afton is the Afton Station Museum. Located in an old train depot, the museum celebrates the history of Afton and its railroad roots. Visitors can explore interactive displays and exhibits that showcase artifacts from the town’s past.

Another popular attraction in Afton is the Afton Nature Preserve. This preserve covers over 100 acres of land and includes trails for hiking, biking, horseback riding, camping, bird watching and more. There are also several fishing spots located throughout the preserve where visitors can try their luck catching catfish, bass or crappie.

The Grand Lake State Park is another great place to visit while in Afton. Located nearby on Grand Lake O’ The Cherokees, this state park features sandy beaches for swimming as well as boat ramps for fishing or boating activities. Visitors can also enjoy picnicking areas with grills or take a scenic hike around the lake on one of its many trails.

Other places to visit in Afton include a variety of restaurants serving up local favorites such as fried catfish or burgers as well as shops selling souvenirs and other items unique to the area. There are also several annual festivals held throughout the year that draw visitors from all over Oklahoma and beyond!

Afton, Oklahoma Population, Schools and Places of Interest
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