Addendum to the 3rd McTREK Tent Show

Addendum to the 3rd McTREK Tent Show

On Saturday, the 10.05.2014 the 3 large McTREK tent show in Kassel took place. 24 models of the top tent outfitter from our McTREK Oudoor sports range were issued. Here are some impressions for all this time have not managed to stop by.

Unfortunately the weather is not affecting. You must take it as it comes. It is just important that one has a roof over their heads in case a rain, storm and Thunder.

At this year’s big tent exhibition at the site of the McTREK in Kassel were happier way established sufficient tents from different categories (24 pieces), were faced with hail, storm and rain then directly in the practice test. Interested fans and camper could make a picture of the display tent models in the most extreme conditions so and test their suitability for use in weather that nobody actually wants.

Many interested visitors could however gain despite the weather a detailed overview of the issued tents. It is 1-person expedition tent or the 10-person group tent that now. Here, all tent types (tunnel or dome tent, with or without vertical space, group tents) of the top brands (Outwell, Robens, Jack Wolfskin, VAUDE, Eureka, Nordisk, easy camp, etc.) could be experienced up close and examined.

The team round Branch Manager, Diana Diers, stood all visitors an advisory role to the page. All in all, it was a great event with many visitors and a wide variety of tents. We are sure that this was not the last tent exhibition in Kassel and looking forward now to the next Zeltsaison.

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