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MBA Internship

The objective of the MBA internship program is to provide practical work experience to students enrolled in the MBA program, to allow students to apply the knowledge gained in their undergraduate education, and to allow students to apply business principles learned in their MBA coursework. Practical post-baccalaureate work experience provides valuable benefits to students in their remaining MBA coursework and in future employment.

Internship Experience:

  • Every student participating in the MBA internship program has been admitted to the MBA program with an earned baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university.
  • Every MBA student intern will have completed, or be currently enrolled in, a minimum of nine graduate credits in the MBA program at Clarion University.  The enhanced background and training an MBA student brings to the internship means that employers can expect a high standard of performance from MBA interns.  It also means that employers are expected to place MBA interns in positions that require a bachelor’s degree as a minimum.

Educational Experience:

  • MBA student interns enroll in the course, Business Administration 699:  Special Problems.  This three-credit course is taken as elective credit and requires the student to also complete a faculty-directed research project.
  • The results of the research project are later presented to graduate faculty and other MBA students.  The research project may or may not be part of the intern’s work assignment as determined by the employer, but is usually related to the internship placement.

Employer Commitment:

  • The employer agrees to accept the MBA intern and assign duties commensurate with the degree qualifications and training of the intern.
  • Compensation to the student intern is negotiable between the employer and intern.  Clarion University does not have compensation requirements for student interns, but most MBA interns are compensated in an amount at least sufficient to cover the student’s tuition and fees for the three-credit course.
  • Employers are expected to provide the same liability insurance coverage they normally provide other employees in similar positions.
  • While specific work hour requirements do not apply to the graduate intern experience, employers should expect the student intern to work a minimum of 100 hours for a three-credit internship experience.  Student interns can be employed part-time or full-time.  Summer interns typically work part-time while taking other courses.  Twenty hours per week for a five-week summer term is typical.
  • The employer is expected to work with the faculty coordinator and the student in determining an appropriate research project.  Examples of research projects would include market surveys, financial analyses, industry studies, etc.

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