Yoga Playlists

This is a controversial subject.There are those who love music in class, there are those who hate.You have to use it, some people do not use it.There are those who defend their use, there are those who condemn.Well, with all my respect for Yoga purists, I use, love and not live without!Rsss … In fact, if it were to follow the tradition to the letter, it was not even to be charged for Yoga classes, right?Then … Let me use my little song that I do not hurt anyone!

But then, let’s talk about the class playlist … Because worse than the teacher using music, in my opinion, it’s him to use any song.When I do a class like that, I get a little distress, people!Because sometimes I’m there, in a darned bastard, and the music he’s playing is a soft little man … Or else I’m in a more restorative posture and a faster song.You can not!Cut the weather totally!

In fact, this business of using music in class should be taken very seriously.I know of a story about a student who stopped doing a teacher’s lesson, as much as she loved his classes, because the songs were very down and depressing … Rsss … So if you’re going to use anything, you’d better not use anything, huh??Or, at the most, leave an electronic drum playing in the corner and be happy …

I teach Hatha and Vinyasa classes, but most of them are second-rate and this allows me to play with songs, create creative playlists.And, not infrequently, the students ask me about them, make some comments, I always have positive feedback.

And, one day, one of my students, who also teaches Yoga, commented to me that she has a hard time creating playlists.Well, there is not much mystery … It’s just how to divide the class into slices.In the case of a 1-hour lesson: 5 minutes of meditation, 5 minutes of warm-up, 10 minutes of greetings, 15 minutes of more intense vinyasas with a peak pose in the middle of them, 10 minutes of lunar postures, 10 minutes for savasana and finalization.It’s more or less what I do in my classes, but each one does the way it thinks best.I did this scheme just to help you understand.

Then you take your schematic.If you start with 5 minutes of meditation, I suggest a gentle background, a quiet thing like Massage Tribe’s Healing Tibetan Melody, for example, that lasts more or less this time.For warmth I like to use Breathe, by Alexi Murdoch (and the lyrics are all about!), Shake it loose from Dolphin Boy (which I “stole” from my teacher in Vinyasa!) And all the little songs on that soft footprint wanting to warm up … Conforme If you enter the greetings, the songs are getting more accelerated and dynamic, until you reach the apex of the class, when you enter the peak pose, and there should be your most dynamic and agitated music of all.I’ve used everything for this combo: from The Doors to Happy by Pharrell Williams!Then it goes from the taste and daring of each teacher, right?Then you select the number of songs with that footprint that add up to the amount of minutes for which they are intended.

To enter the lunar asanas the music should begin to fall slowly and not from a beautification to a lullaby.Just as the pace has been slowly increasing, one must slowly slow down too … Again, the taste and common sense of each should prevail.This will depend on your class, the place where you teach (if it is more fun or serious, for example).

As for savasana, I prefer songs without lyrics.I like sounds like Om or something.I hate every sound of birds, water and the like!It annoys me a lot.I also do not like savasana in silence, but I know you have an entourage you love!It goes from each one himself.I like sounds that modulate my thoughts, like a white noise.Relaxes me, it’s a wonder…

Well, that’s a general rule of what I do.I do not say it’s right or wrong, but it’s just like I do … Rsss … In my playlist there’s Metallica, there’s Beatles, there’s a bit of everything I like.And I create new playlists from time to time so the students do not get saturated with the same songs.Here’s a cute comment about my playlists from an Australian teacher who did some lessons from me last year:our site

I hope I have helped those who needed tips for this task that I consider so delicious!