Xiaomi Smart Home: Test of the LED Yeelight Bulb

Always in Xiaomi family it is the turn of Smart Bulb Yeelight E27, a bulb Led Dimmable white connected to your smartphone or Tablet and compatible with the suite Mi Home that you discovered during our test Smart Home Security.

This solution Xiaomi becomes more interesting with now a siren which acts as central WiFi/ZigBee to associate several accessories such as the mini detector of presence, open, inter wireless sensor, ordered, etc. and now the Led bulb that I’ll show you in just a few lines because the principle is the same as the last test I could make the Smart Plug Xiaomi…

Installation and configuration

So here we go for an installation of the Mi Home app that I advise you to download directly on mirror sites by typing the Web ‘Apk Mi Home’ in order to get a more advanced and compatible version as the version of the Store is not functional.

Personally I am so on a version 3.4.16 that remains despite everything badly translated in English but with the advantage of supporting all connected products Xiaomi… but if you want a nicer application to better apprehend the Mi Home solution I invite you to download en version on the site Mi4Ever.

Plug your light bulb and search via the Mi Home app to detect the light bulb as below. And contrary to what I read on various forums or communities, Central in the Smart Home Security kit is absolutely not required…

Take the opportunity to update the communication plugin Yeelight and here you are with an application Yeelight to manage the nuances of your bulb as you can see on the below capture.

If the plant is not compulsory, it becomes indispensable of when you want to associate with a switch or a detector for an ignition without going through your Smartphone. Yeelight application however allows you to set time settings and other options.

Here is a small video with inter Switch, which through the WiFi/ZigBee communicates a firing order and extinction to my Bulb bulb Yeelight Smart.

I’m starting now to know products Xiaomi with more Smart Home Security , the bedside lamp YeeLight Bluetooth that I use on a daily basis for more than 8 months, this bulb in my office, and many other products as my smartphone Redmi Note2, two cameras Wifi, activity tracker, etc…

None of all these products has never disappointed me, I am satisfied, and it seems even difficult today to pass me some of the branded products, but it will ignore well translated applications because unfortunately applications updates are half in English and half in Chinese, so it will go often to the blindly to find how to use all the features. However you can find some updates translated into French on the site of Mi4ever.

With less than € 15 in WhereverSmartphone, Xiaomi Smart Bulb Yeelight E27 is still a very good deal!