Wooden Frames for Pictures

The wooden table with important frames inlays, floral ornaments in relief, covered with an antiqued patina, gold or silver, is a classic-strength. A house furnished in traditional style can only be reserved large space to memories and thus to elegant and valuable additions such as wooden frames.

With appropriate lifestyle changes, the wooden frames have gained a prominent place also in modern homes.

First, the Modern Design has privileged net and linear geometric shapes, without any major decorations in the foreground, leaving the protagonist wood in its essence and by focusing on color.

Coated in matt or gloss paint, wooden photo frames can be found in every modern shades and are, therefore, easy to match the dominant color of the furniture.

Both the classic version and in the more contemporary, wooden frames prove valuable allies to give maximum space to the photos and memories in our homes.

Gold color and characterized by decorations depicting Leaves and Shoots, the Wooden Frame Number 132 of CorniciOnLine.

It is a complement to the rectangular shape can accommodate a 30 cm size photos to 40 cm, made ​​of wood entirely Made in Italy, guarantee of high quality of the final product, and provided on the backrest in birch plywood.

A well finished accessory, massive and very pleasant in design. An elegant and refined setting perfectly suited to living rooms, hallways and bedrooms, furnished in a classical style.

Style “shabby-chic” the frame number 246, always CorniciOnLine.

Literally “shabby chic” means “aged with care” and in this style includes all the furniture and accessories that carry with them the signs of the passage of time, without losing its aura of class and prestige. The Model of Frame Number 246 fully reflects this trend.

It is a rectangular-shaped accessory, wooden Made in Italy, suitable to host pictures of 20 cm to 15 cm. Its essential feature is the color.

The white surface is a faded traits, revealing the background, the pure essence of the wood in its various veins.

A result is not left to chance, but cleverly designed to create a high-impact and romance accessory. Adaptable much on the style of classic and modern furniture.

Definitely it destined to rooms furnished in a modern style the frame Model 304 of CorniciOn Line.

A rectangular-shaped accessory, suitable to accommodate 30 cm to 45 cm photos, which can be either laid on the table that hanging on the wall.

The frame is characterized by a thick edging in wood, defined by distinct geometric lines of various thickness, that create dynamism and an ironic of recesses and protrusions game.

Color is another strong point of this model: a bright blue, which goes well with the colors of modern furnishing strong. Also available in other variants: white, ivory, pink, blue.

A massive frame, practical and very lively.