Women’s Plus Size Spring Outfit

“Pretty woman, walking down the street. Pretty woman, the kid I like to meet. Pretty woman…”

On behalf of Bon Prix with the motto “plus-size OOTD – pretty woman” I go a spring look that radiates good humor and feel beautiful and feminine a woman today on the search the power outfit -! What does one than it first if you are looking for a key piece that perfectly highlights the feminine? Yes, we women access mostly to a feminine dress that ideally accompanied the own silhouette.

My “pretty woman”-spring look

My today’s spring look is no less feminine. I am in a Two piece fever and put on the eye-catching two-parter in the same color. Colorful, stylish double are not only totally said this season, they be part of as a trendy eye-catcher in the wardrobe of a Fashionista. And if these fashionable spring color does not provide extremely good mood, then I don’t know. The color flatters coral or salmon but the beauty and radiance of each woman.

The highlight of the outfit: The two-parter

The feminine, straight-cut trousers and the slim cut Blazers strike you from head to toe. Combined with a simple white blouse with gathered and beautiful details on the back, concluded a wonderful style. The best work the colorful two piece with rather subdued colors in the outfit of rest of. White or delicate nude and beige tones underline elegant trouser suit.

The right shoes for the spring outfit

In contrast clean I combine simple, nude colored Sandals – but with sales. We run very different women with high heels and feel differently. High heel shoes optically stretch the leg and allow each figure a little slimmer. So if you have long legs, which relies on high hakige shoes that give a touch of elegance to a. (More about the Trend color nude).


Accessories can fall on something and turn any style from. That’s why my recommendation: an outfit without a little jewelry for me incomplete feels. There are not tons of accessories Yes – already a single chain, a bracelet or earrings are sufficient, to give that special something to your style. I chose this outfit a necklace, that picks up the color of the two parter. Otherwise, I have waived on jewelry, because it would be too much. I choose a trendy bag in gold-used look with a small tassel, which breaks up the elegant outfit to something.

Yet an another must-have

Clothing reflects our mood and our well-being out in General. You will find fashionable must-haves not only on the clothes rail! In contrast, your femininity is also. And she wears every woman with him already, completely free, fits and is always. Style knows no dress size! Love your curves and the mode with which you can express yourself and your positive attitude!

The power outfit for the spring 2015

For me, this plus size power outfit for the spring 2015 is an absolute feel-look, which however does not mean that other women is just as would feel, as I. This should of course decide every man for himself. I think you should use more “good mood colors” – that make the day more beautiful. Because more variance in the closet – more spring and summer happiness!
So is this my Key outfit for the spring 2015, which is full of power and femininity, or? What do you think?

Bon Prix, you can nachshoppen the fashion trend:

  • Blazer with an individual design
  • Stylish pants
  • Attractive blouse in white and gathered
  • Elegant necklace with beads
  • Sandals in nude
  • Trendy shoulder bag in gold

I’m looking forward to your comment!