Women’s Leather Jacket: How to Use

Leather jackets are a practical item that add style to any production. Learn how to use them and not make mistakes in the composition’s look!


  1. The leather jacket is a piece with attitude and that fits in most styles, in addition to being timeless.When used with short jeans, they give a visual rocker full of attitude. Is one of the most popular combinations and has no way to miss it: Combine your leather jacket with a short jeans, pantyhose and black riding boots. The blouse is at the discretion and style of each one, giving preference to more soltinhas blouses. Simple parts is possible to mount a very modern, full of style and fashion. Bet on it!
  2. The leather jackets may also be combined with pants. But always give preference to trousers glued to the body such as skinny and leggings. Slacks and style boyfriend must be totally avoided being used at the same time that the leather jacket. To balance the look, opt for more loose-fitting blouses. This look mounted with a simple blouse white sweet cheeks gives a unique style!If you have skinny legs, bet on black glossy legging; This style is super high and gives a life to more visual. Short and fat should not use bright leggings, because they give the impression of thicker legs. In this case, you should opt for opaque.
  3. The jacket can also be combined with the more feminine parts: skirts and dresses. To be combined with a flowered dress, flared skirt, skirt fluttering or free dresses, leather jacket will break the romanticism inherent in these pieces and form an interesting balance.When combined with a feminine skirt and boots, as the boots, is created a visual very casual, different and attractive.

    The play combined with dresses is one of the favorite forms of composition among the fashionistas. Experiment with short dresses and no vulgar, the jacket already gives just the right amount of sexiness to your look; If there is exaggeration, the result can be the opposite-and black shoes and boots.

    The mixture of pieces dating back to a classic look and romantic with essentially parts bolder and with attitude is a combination that should always be followed by those who want to dress in style and be fashionable.

    The leather jackets can be used with accessories like necklaces, but be careful not to overdo it, because this piece already has a heavy visual alone.