Women’s Belts, How to Use?

You know how to use the female belts?

As currently the pants and skirts are cut to fit your feminine silhouette the Womens belts are another style option than necessary, so it’s not the easiest accessory to add to the look.

In what clothes I can use a belt? The belt can leave my look more elegant? What type of belt is most appropriate and where do I use it? Now youremailverifier will answer these questions for you.

Women’s Belts, How To Use?


  1. to shape your look.

The belt will highlight a narrow point in your look, setting well both parties, both bottom as superior. If you use with a single piece, the belt will be highlighted and it is not indicated.

The belt emphasizes the boundary between the shirt and skinny pants

Top fair and baggy pants.

Without a women’s belt that would look sloppy, the belt adds elegance to hammer pants.

Look more baggy.

Loose or off doesn’t mean big, but not forming body.

Emphasizing the waist

Do not use belt with unique pieces, there’s nothing to hold and gets funny most of the time.

  1. Give sensuality to look

As well as a necklace or scarf, women’s belt can be the most stylish accessory and even be the featured item in a look.

Add a belt in a basic look and automatically it becomes featured. You can choose from a wide variety of shapes, colors and prints. Just changing the belt you can set different perspectives to the same clothes. Use creativity.

Scarf as a belt

Shiny belt to break the look

Use to highlight in a monochrome dress, breaking the color and pattern.

Golden belt and monochrome look

Add the appropriate belt to look can transform a simple dress in a elegant piece.


In your hip or below the bust at the thinnest part, or you will add more volume to the region. Depends on your type of type of silhouette.

High belt

Curvilinear silhouette

If you have defined waist, hourglass, the belt will emphasize this narrow point. If you do not have a well defined waist, just the belt may not achieve an efficient result, try a evasê, you will get a good result. If you have short legs, use the high belt will help to avoid displeasing her.

Low belt

Low belt

Lower belts is the best option for those who do not have a well defined waist. Already women with wide hips should avoid using bass. It’s a good way to lengthen the torso.


According to your silhouette a few female belts will be better than others.

Thin Belt: If your waist is set, use a thinner model with a flowing outfit to create the illusion of a waist. In this case a belt in color of clothes can be a good option as it does not highlight the belt. Leather belts usually give a serious aspect, ideal for the desktop.

The same color of the belt look

Middle Belt: belt classic, ideal for pants. Can be used a little louder, no big secrets. The buckle can give a more vintage look depending on the case.

Middle Belt, perfect for pants

Thick Belt: they seem more modern when used higher. If use it low, the result will be a half years 70. Give a stylish appearance if used the right way, but it needs attention.