Wolford: 60 Years With the Pants

2010 is a lucky year as far as anniversaries and important birthdays. Many are in fact the fashion houses who celebrate significant anniversaries this year have launched special collections, capsule collection, limited edition and so on and so forth. Here is another historic house, which to celebrate the passionate and affectionate customers an important milestone has just launched an exclusive piece not to be missed.

The fashion house is Wolford, the renowned Austrian company in the world, a real guarantee when it comes to socks and bodywear luxury, and just this year reaches 60 years of activity. Six decades that the house has passed to incessantly deepen the most innovative techniques in terms of legwear incorporating the latest technologies to its products, and to prove to the world has created an amazing maternity sweatpants with socks coordinates alone demonstrates the incredible know -how of Wolford in the field. legwear and bodywear live in this special and intriguing model with long sleeves made of precious lace HYFRA with floral motifs, the same lace used to package the seductive removable socks walked along the entire length of a seam in sight.

The latest creation by Wolford then is even more sexy and precious as applications embroidered petals and encrusted Swarovski crystals. Clearly this is a very exclusive limited edition, but to get it you have to wait October. Only then some of the brand boutiques will sell the complete-which will also include an exclusive-priced at 995 Euros packaging.