Will It Have Android or Support Issues for Native?

Android has many facets but the purest Android has one, and some people think that it is a little “soda”. Now we could be a change in this regard, confirmed that the new version of Android would have native support for themes.

Until emotions you thinking about how you could finally personalize your Android to your taste, you should know that, although the Developer Preview yesterday Yes has a similar option (in fact, it is called exactly Subject of the device) only appears when you install it in a phone Pixel and not in a Nexus.

For now, two issues

Stick to the evidence. After installing the Developer Preview of Android or a device Pixel, a new menu appears in the Screen settings. His name is Device theme and after pressing it you can choose between two topics: Inverted and Pixel.

The Pixel issue is which comes pre-configured and which have been seeing in capturing screenshots of Android o most light grey tones. Inverted mode is a Dark mode that, for now, only applies to the notification bar / quick adjustments.

Pixel (left) and reverse (right) mode

Since the option appears only in device Pixel, we can speculate two scenarios: that is a unique feature for Pixel devices or is not more than a test or resource to test in this Developer Preview, and that finally does not end in the final version, as certain Dark mode.

Still much we need to see how to evolve these themes, if activated on more devices and if they could be an alternative to allow some manufacturers make an “light” appearance modification that it was easier to keep up-to-date. In the absence of additional information in the Android Developer Center, we can but speculate and wait for upcoming Developer Previews.