Wifi For Your Video Surveillance System

wifi for your video surveillance system:

Wireless connectivity RADWIN for all types of applications from urban security to band broadband for businesses.

According to a2zcamerablog, RADWIN’s wireless transmission systems are used in more than 140 countries around the world for projects in need of reliable broadband wireless connectivity solutions.

RADWIN systems applications include:

  • Wireless connectivity in small towns
  • Connectivity for businesses in remote locations
  • Broadband access to schools and educational centres
  • Communication at sea between ships
  • Security and urban surveillance, especially for cctv
  • Wireless coverage located in crane construction, lampposts, etc to create a perimeter of connection
  • Wireless transmission at ports and airports
  • Connectivity to networks of transport, buses, meters, train, etc.

In short, an ideal solution to create a network where infrastructures still can’t reach.

An example of these systems may be the international Shanghai port one of the points of loading and unloading of containers with greater maritime traffic in the world.

To control the movement of containers, multiple HD video cameras installed in mobile cranes, requiring a set of powerful and reliable wireless communication to transmit high-quality video to the control center.

After multiple tests with wireless WiFi, Mesh and wireless systems of other brands, RADWIN is postulated as the best option.

RADWIN ensures stability and high quality of transmission, together with excellent performance in demanding working conditions and interference.

To implement the wireless network, settled HBS base station near the offices of the port and multiple subscriber units in each one of the cranes. Base stations communicate with the operations centre transmitting video in real time of the cameras installed by all port allowing you to control the movement of containers and detect incidents rapidly.

Please contact us for advice on the wifi system for its video surveillance that best suits your needs.