Why Sports Fishermen Use Glasses?

To look like Tom Cruise? To be more “Inn” and trendy? Although buying a pair of glasses to fish in wave is a “plus”, that is not precisely the reason that anglers always use goggles (and are portrayed with them).

The thing goes beyond the appearance and what we want as sports we see.

Fishing sunglasses are one of the primary accessories that we have in our collection of fishing equipment for the following reasons:

1. Protection Against The Lost Hooks

Sunglasses are our main against lost hooks product of the recklessness of another fisherman who had not considered his companions and carried out a launch without looking to its around.

On the other hand, when a hook or lure binds on a branch, tree, algae, etc, to try to dislodge him this could dash directly into the eyes and become embedded in the eyeball. Fortunately, if you use lenses these you will protect.

2. Protection Against UV Rays And UVB

UV and UVB RAYS are very harmful for any tissue that is exposed, mainly to the more external. Most know that they are extremely harmful and that they are one of the main causes of skin cancer, but many of you are willing of danger which may cause eye?

The above exposure to UV rays is cause of a disease called photokeratitis and it produces light sensitivity, ulcerations in her cornea, decreased vision and feeling of having foreign objects or dirt in the eyes.

In addition to using glasses to fish, use hats or caps.

3 Prevent The Cabeza Dolores

“Force sight” can cause headaches, as well as to use non-polarized lenses that distort your vision. Many fishermen, after a hard day of fishing, followed by a strong headache, regret having not used.

4 Reduce The Brightness By The Reflection Of Light In The Water

The brightness is a great enemy, especially in fisheries, because it does not allow us to see the surface of the water. Use polarized glasses will help us to see with more clarity and transparency, and be more pending, visually, what happens below it and us around.

5. In Order To Fish Better

Do you know the three basic principles of fishing? If not you say so:




Wear polarized glasses will allow us to see more clearly, reduce glare and thus more easily locate our goal. Able to see through the water allows us to place the lure at the exact point, undertake hunting and achieve better control of the animal.

What Colors Of Lenses Use?

Buy Polarized Sunglasses to go fishing will help you enormously; However, it is also important to know which colors of lenses used for each condition of light.

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