White Inspiration

Hello friends,

This week, a friend asked me to bring some inspirations of white or total looks white.
Who says that color is boring or tiring?! None of this! It’s elegant and it is difficult to make a mistake when using; always works. Be at work, Office, church meeting, you will always be well dressed.
Separated here some look for inspiration of my friends which have destroyed.

Monochrome is modern to match a portfolio or colorful accessory.

The vertical stripes lengthen the shorties and give the sensation of weight loss for those who are overweight.

Who uses Plus Size size, must be careful to mark the waist, “mark, do not tighten.

Keep an eye out:

Take full attention to white transparencies. Use the color of your underwear skin. If the pants is transparent, but beautiful, take it to a tailor and have put liner.

Use “slap butt” shirt or blazer.

Flared pants must cover the shoe, leaving just the tip to appear. Take a photo of example when the sheath. From my own experience. (The seamstress doesn’t believe you have to cover your shoes and even short sheath you asking).

Who is short must use heels, platform and anabela, which help to give balance and are more comfortable. The stiletto, just use social Secretary, style skirt or skinny pants.

Shorty should not use or long skirt, pants with low waist, because the silhouette. flatten