Which Model Of Sunglasses Is Ideal For The Shape Of Your Face?

You Woke Up With That Desire To Buy New Sunglasses And Arrived All Excited In The Site Of The EÓTica, When, Suddenly…

He came across so many models and beat that desperation for not being able to choose between so many models, colors and styles, one more incredible than the other. We succeeded, right?

Sunglasses, besides protecting our eyes, are incredible accessories that complete our look and leave us much more stylish, enhancing beauty and being often the highlight with the opinion of SUNGLASSESTRACKER.

And since you are people like us and you are crazy-or crazy-to take that perfect model, without making a mistake, we have prepared a list of how to choose the ideal format for your face.

Stop Talking And Let’s Go To The Tips

First of all we must pay attention to two important details. First, never, ever, under any circumstances, glasses can move when you smile. The second detail is in relation to the eyebrows. They may even be hidden by the frame, but never quarrel with them. The harmony between the glasses and the frame should be perfect.

What Is Your Face Type?

And you know the shape of your face? This information is important before buying your glasses. So let’s teach you a super simple step by step for you to find out.

With your back straight and your chin parallel to the floor, look straight into the mirror;

If you have long hair, lock them so that there is no influence on your face;

Then just look carefully at the outline of your face. It is exactly the shape of this outline that defines the shape.

Round Face

This type of face shape has few defined angles and causes the forehead and chin to be rounded. Therefore, to balance the look, it is good to avoid round and wide glasses and opt for the most angular frames. The Aviatormodel is a great choice for anyone who has this face shape as it helps to sharpen the strokes.

Square Face

People with the more square face have broad forehead and chin, plus the contour of the cheek until the jaw is almost straight. If you fit into this group, the best glasses are those that have the same width of the face and with rectangular shapes. The model “kitten” like these also gives a good harmony.

Triangular Face

This shape has the jaw part wider than the forehead, the chin is thinner and sharper, and therefore gives the impression that the underside is more conspicuous than the top. Give preference to round, narrow and oval frames, see here !

Oval Face

As the name suggests, this shape resembles an upturned egg, with the width of the face slightly larger than the extension-cheeks are slightly wider than the forehead and jaw. This type of face is the most democratic when choosing the glasses, as they look good with almost any model and frame.

See how easy it is to combine frames with your face shape? But here’s a tip: it’s super cool to get referrals to choose the glasses that are right for you, but never take your taste and preference into consideration. The most important thing is to feel good and confident, regardless of fashion or style.

Now, take advantage of these tips and do not waste more time, go now to etica and play in the incredible models that have there!