What Would You Do If Your Android Will Remain out of The Updates? Engadget Android Questions

Android It is an operating system for mobile and tablets evolving, proof of this is that last week arose Ice Cream Sandwich, which is the version that will bring together mobile phones and tablets of this platform. This version also intend to group all handsets that currently enjoy from Gingerbread, as a measure of minimum requirements.

The news, which many users have not been able to believe, is that Google has decided that the Nexus One may not get Ice Cream Sandwich, because they consider that it does not have of the minimum requirements for work well with the new update. This decision has left in the gutter the souls of many users, but if there is one sure thing is that the Android community is restless and secure that they are an unofficial solution. But not all know how to proceed in these circumstances or simply gives us equal, but we would like to hear What would you do if your Android will remain out of the updates?

Remember what happened with the HTC Desire after announcing that it would not receive the update of Gingerbread and how protested the entire community of users. After which decided to reverse, but not with a successful solution. Whatever it is, there are still hopes for Google to find a solution to all, or that the Community of cooks of Custom ROMs connect the other.

Last week, following the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which will have no problem to enjoy from ICS, seemed fair to ask again you had think that Android, and the answers have been somewhat divided, but finally the most valued has been one of our reader surcamares, which broadly responded:

Bitter. On the one hand, it has very positive points, as an amazing display. No, not it seems excessive; I have normal size hands and still so much much hand with the SGSII, and if we take into account that increases the screen at the expense of physical buttons and edges, as it is not excessive.

On the other hand, it has no microSD or miniHDMI port. The microSD is very comfortable to move files to the phone without connecting it to turn it on or, but can live without it.
However, the lack of miniHDMI port, for me, was a huge disappointment: only is a smartphone. With a miniHDMI port would be a brain that fits like a flubber: could plugged into a “dock” and become a laptop, to another dock and be a tablet, to television and play video streaming, etc..

MiniHDMI port and Android ICS (to adapt well to different screens), are, for me, so I choose this phone instead of my combo netbook+Nexus One key.

You will have to wait to see what get other companies.

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