What to Wear with Blue Jeans

The classic blue jeans invents itself again and again. This year the color is off. Here, the range extends to the different shades of yellow and orange, on pink and red to royal blue and Petrol. Those who prefer pastels, can choose between Rosé, Mint and light blue.

How Can Color The Best Style?

A colored jeans is the highlight of your outfit. And that remains the case, you should start with accessories and other colors rather sparingly. Basically fit jeans, no matter what color, always white or black tops. Who wants to be a little bolder styling, can the colorful jeans choose a suitable shell from the same color family. To a pale blue jeans, for example, fits a royal blue top.

You May Prefer Really Loud?

Then you belong determines the style experts. Who feels so right with color, can engage in the full ones.Keywords: color blocking! This trend you combine a flashy color with an equally contrasting color. For a particularly high contrast, you can follow the complementary color up. These are the colors that are opposite on the color wheel.

If you decide, for example, for an orange jeans , you can a top in a strong blue color filter. Other combinations with color are: Pop red with a bold fuchsia, yellow with aqua, mint and melon, pink with navy blue, bright orange with purple and vigorous coral with turquoise.

And What About The Accessories?

For the accessories is less definitely more. If you decide, for example, for a skinny jeans in petroleum and a white top, should be matched to your accessories color to your jeans. Either you stay with the identical color or you choose a maximum of a new hue. However, the aim of your composition should always be that you do not ausschaust like a bird of paradise at the end, but a harmonious color coordinated outfit wearing.

This holds true both for bags and belts as well as jewelry and shoes. Decide always different for a maximum of three colors. Then you are always on the safe side. A small exception is golden and silvery jewelry. The simply as “additional color” combine to your look. Here you should, however, rely on simple necklaces and earrings.

And finally-The Make-Up

How you probably can already think you should turn your makeup in combination with a colorful jeans rather decent. Decide for either your eyes or mouth which you particularly betonst. For an unusual and bold style, you can pick the color of your jeans back at your makeup. Thinking only to the already above-described bird of paradise; this appearance you should not reach the end.