What to Wear for Winter Fishing

One of the peculiarities of the CARP fishing is that it is a static fishing. This nice feature in summer becomes a barrier in fall and winter.

However, you can always catch carp in the winter if you know the method and the ways to protect from the cold.

Winter carp fishing clothing, the method of the 3 layers for you protect from the cold!

For fishing in the winter, some principles and some dedicated to carp fishing tackle equipment are more important than others. This is the case of the principle ‘3 layers’ clothing.

The system of the 3 layers of clothing is a basic principle to protect you from cold to the edge of the water.

This system is aimed at effectively isolate you cold or rainy weather conditions in autumn and winter.

The image of an onion that has different layers of skin to protect her heart, the 3 layers system to protect you by stacking several layers of clothing on top of each other.

The stack of clothes of fishing must be done in a particular order protect you from the cold.

We reveal you the secrets of using this principle for not having cold to fish the carp in the fall and winter.

The 1st layer of clothing to evacuate your sweating

The 1st layer of sin is called the “base layer”. In general, this layer neglected by many anglers. Yet this layer is important because it is in direct contact with your skin!

This 1st layer of clothing allows the evacuation of moisture to the outside of the garment. Used as base layer clothing help your skin breathe by evacuating perspiration and allow it to stay dry.

There are many garments of sin in synthetic materials that allow this evacuation of moisture.

Clothing that make up the base layer is usually composed of a t-shirt or a polo shirt with short sleeves/long sleeves.

Tip # 1: choose synthetic fishing clothes that encourage the evacuation of sweating. Avoid cotton material which does not allow water to be evacuated.

The 2nd layer of clothing to keep your heat

Once you put on your polo shirt as long as base layer, you can put it on the 2nd layer of clothing.

The 2nd layer is called “intermediate layer” because it is located between the 1st and the 3rd layer of clothing. In general, 2 types of fishing clothing serve as intermediate layer: this is the fleece jacket and sweater.

This layer must play 2 roles to protect you from the cold when temperatures are low.

1 role of this layer is to keep the heat of the body at a constant temperature.

Body heat escapes naturally, the 2nd layer must be able to minimize heat loss.

It is for this reason that this intermediate layer is also called ‘layering’ since it prevents heat from escaping to the outside of clothing.

Tip # 2: prefer a fleece jacket rather than a sweater: the fleece jacket is light and dry more easily than the polar sweater.

In addition to conserve heat, this layer plays a 2nd role. It is to allow the evacuation of moisture to the outside of the garment of sin.

The moisture removed from the 1st layer must be able to move easily to the 2nd and then to the 3rd layer. This evacuation allows the jacket to stay dry and so fully its role of heat.

In general, to ensure these 2 roles, the fleece jacket is made with cotton or synthetic materials like polyester.

The 3rd layer of clothing to protect you from the elements

Last stage, the choice of the 3rd layer also called the “outer layer”. This 3rd layer of clothing helps protect you from the bad weather such as wind, rain or even snow.

The role of this layer is to be waterproof to protect the layers of Foundation and intermediate. This layer also allows to facilitate the evacuation of moisture produced by your body. This moisture must go through different layers of fishing clothing.

This 3rd layer is not effective unless it plays these 2 roles simultaneously. Indeed, there is no point to protect you from rain if the moisture generated by your body is not evacuated.

The benefit of the outer layer will be cancelled: instead of being wet by the rain, you will be wet from sweating!

Clothing used as outer layer is the cloak of sin. Of course, it must be waterproof (rain or “waterproof”) and adapted to fight the wind.

He must also possess certain technical qualities and practical to make a good coat of fishing.

Find these technical and practical qualities in our guide to choosing a good coat of fishing.

The type of coat that you will need will depend on your activity and its degree of congestion, point should not be overlooked by fishing.

Tip # 3: choose a coat with a hood, because it will also protect your head which is just as important when it rains or it’s cold.

Clothing and accessories of carp, simple ways to take action against the cold

In addition to the method of the 3 layers of clothing, there are 3 additional means to protect yourself effectively in fall and winter cold.

1 effective way is you complete your equipment through the essential list of fishing in winter clothing. The application of the method of the 3 layers and clothing of fishing for carp in the winter fishing guarantees effective protection against the wind and cold.

The 2nd way is to adapt your fishing clothing carp based on your activity on the water.

Weather conditions, your type of fishing and your degree of cold resistance are all factors to take into account to adapt your clothing for fishing fishing to carp in the winter.

Finally, the 3rd way to protect you from the cold is to equip you with a contact heater.

It is a simple fishing accessory and convenient to use at the edge of the water.

The heater of contact is one of our accessories prefer winter and who made us good service during our sessions of fishing in the winter.

The method of the 3 layers of clothing is a simple principle to be applied which will allow you to increase your efficiency at the water’s edge. While clothing and fishing accessories are means for fishing carp more comfortably.

You will more focus on your practice of fishing and no longer on the cold that chills you bones.

Now, to fishing without worry of the cold or the rain!