What Is the Best Tablet? Make Your Choice

Confused about choosing the best tablet?Well, know that this “war” between the manufacturers is only in the beginning.And this is great for you.

The most complicated is to define which tablet has the best format, weight, power, features, applications.I’ll try to help a little.

On one hand the iPad 2. On the other, the tablets with Android operating system:Motorola Xoom 2 Media Edition, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7 “ (model GT-P3110), Google Nexus 7 (manufactured by Asus) and Sony Tablet S.

All are assembled in Brazil, with the exception of the Nexus 7, which is expected to arrive here in the first quarter of 2013. But you find them all in stores or on auction sites.

Of course you can not make a direct comparison between iPad 2 (1,349 reais) and Galaxy Tab 2/7 “(624 reais), but I decided to keep the Samsung tablet, because, even with this value, it has qualities that In some items even surpass those of the iPad 2.

Let’s see what Thereligionfaqs.com has the best:

Note: This is the third update of this post ( December 23, 2012) , which began in March 2011.


In this item is hard to beat the Nexus.It comes with the most powerful screen among all the tablets in this comparison.

They are 1280 × 800 and 216 ppi (pixels per inch) and IPS technology.

Next comes the Xoom 2 and the Sony S, with 1280 × 800 pixels.Except that the Motorola has 184 ppi and the Sony 161 ppi.

Only then comes the iPad 2, with 1024 x 768 pixels and 132 ppi.

Be aware, because the quality of a screen is measured by other features as well.

Another aspect to be considered is aspect ratio ( in a free translation, a framing of the images, more rectangular or more “square”).

The Xoom 2 and Sony S have aspect ratio 16: 9 and Nexus 7, 16:10;Best for watching HD videos or running a game.

Already the screen of the iPad 2 and Galaxy Tab were designed for the best possible performance both vertically and horizontally,Best to surf the internet.

Also consider switching screens, which in iPad 2 is noticeably smoother.The Android tablet that comes closest to this is the Nexus 7.


With the exception of the Nexus 7, which delivers a quad-core processor, all others come with a dual-core processor.

The highest clocked tablet is the Xoom 2 (1.2GHz).Despite this, the Xoom 2 runs half locked, fault of version 3.2 of Android (Honeycomb).

Which is faster?The Nexus 7 and iPad 2, followed by the Sony S, Xoom 2 and Galaxy 7, respectively.

But be smart: what counts in the end is not just the processor’s capacity.

The speed of a tablet is also defined by its architecture.That is, the set of all elements working in harmony.


The Xoom 2 and Sony S have only one model, with 32GB.The Nexus 7 offers models with 8GB and 16GB, and the Galaxy Tab only 8GB.

The iPad 2 is the only one with the options of 16GB, 32GB and 64GB.But for this evaluation to be more fair we will analyze only the model with 16GB.

Apart from the iPad 2, all offer memory expansion through microSD card slots with 32GB capacity.

This can be an advantage for the tablets of Samsung and Google, as you can buy a model more in account and add more space later.

Or use storage services “in the cloud,” like the DropBox.It’s not the same thing as having a native memory, but it can break a branch.


For me, the main ports/connections are, in order, a microSD port for storage expansion and an HDMI output, to connect the tablet to an LCD/LED TV.

The iPad 2 does not have a micro SD slot.Nexus 7, Galaxy Tab and Sony S do not have an HDMI output.

The only thing that offers these two options is the Xoom 2, but unfortunately Motorola does not have an HDMI cable, which needs to be purchased separately.


All manufacturers in this comparison offer a basic package of accessories, usually consisting of adapter cables, docks and protective covers.

Because of the longer time in the market, the greater number of accessories is offered by Apple.Plus, it’s easy to find things for the iPad in the large online retail networks.

Operational system

Apple’s operating system, iOS, is recognized for its reliability, security, graphics quality and touchscreen features that made the iPad the success that it is.

Motorola, Samsung, Sony and obviously Google, bet on the Android system, which started full of problems in its version 3.0, the first for tablets, but has been improved with each new update.

The latest is the Jelly Bean version, which still can not be compared to Apple’s iOS system, but represents a breakthrough.

Negative point for Xoom 2, which still runs Android 3.2.


This is exactly where the difference between iPad 2 and the rest is more evident.

Apple has already reached 275,000 apps, only for the iPad (October 2012), while the Android store has just started putting its apps to the tablets in 2011.

Believe me, at the beginning of that year there were only a few more than 100 Android apps optimized for tablets.

It’s easy to explain: Android was born to run on smartphones and even with the new versions of Android made especially for tablets, the number (and quality) of applications is not yet close to the Apple app store.

Flash Support

One of the biggest complaints of iPad users is the lack of support for running Flash videos and animations.The animations are not that much lacking as well, but it is frustrating to access a website and view multiple frames containing only the Adobe plugin logo.

Android tablets do not have this restriction, but you still have to download the app from the Android store.

Apple bets on gradual adherence to HTML5 and H.264 video format , ultimately eliminating this problem.But in the meantime competitors do not thank you.

Learn why the iPad will never run Flash in this article .


With so many tablets on the market, it is difficult for anyone to do a complete comparison of battery life.

But in some specialized website testing the iPad always wins easy.

In one of these tests, made by the English website Which?With tablets with wi-fi connection and surfing the internet, the iPad 2 reached 590 minutes, versus 550 minutes of Nexus 7 and 534 minutes of the Sony S.

The market

According to predictions from the investment fund Genuity Canaccord , Apple is expected to market, in 2012 alone, approximately 55 million iPads, which should represent something around 60% of the tablet market.

The consulting firm Gartner expects to market 38 million Android tablets in 2012.

The arrival of Surface, the tablet produced by Microsoft, released in November with the Windows 8 system, did not change much this framework.

The company expects to sell 3 million tablets by the end of this year, but some experts say that this number should not exceed 500 thousand units sold.

Price table

Market leadership gives iPad 2 the status of being a cost/benefit parameter.

These are the lowest prices in the survey among the major retail networks (as of December 23, 2012):

Now, if you think these values ​​are still too high, and you have the patience to wait a little longer, consider delaying your tablet’s purchase in early 2013 when Google officially launches Nexus 7 in Brazil.

Unfortunately, the announced reduction of up to 40% in prices of the tablets assembled in the country, announced by the Brazilian government, did not happen.

So we’re going to have to be content to pay more than twice the price of the American market.

Obs:Of course, these prices suffer variations practically every day.Check out sites like Bondfaro and Buscapé.

After sales

After-sales service is also an item to consider.Is very.

Apart from Nexus 7, all tablets in this comparison have technical support in Brazil.

With the advantage of Apple own stores, which facilitates the contact.

Check out sites like the Reclame Here and check out how the care of each manufacturer walks.

Cost X benefit

For me, for now, the advantage is still the iPad 2. What makes the difference?The operating system, the applications, its user support.

Except that this leadership is now put in check by the arrival of the Nexus 7 and the adoption of Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) by other manufacturers.

But there are still a few “arguments” left to convince new users to give up the iPad.

Google still needs to offer apps as good as those in the Apple App Store, and in greater numbers.This should only be a matter of time.

Only you do not need to have an iPad.You can toast half the money by buying a Galaxy Tab2/7 “and you’ll be able to do pretty much the same thing, with only a slightly lower screen and slower speed.




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