What I Got From The Zorópa Fashion

Now that I got, I got, I took everything out of my bag and washed all the shameful quantity of laundry, we can consider that things are finally getting back to normal.

Well, I think it’s common sense that things here in Brazil are becoming more expensive. And that trips end up being an opportunity to be able to supply the locker at prices much more friendly.

I must say, every time I travel, I just tend to agree with my friends that take advantage of the holiday trips annually (or every six months for some lucky) to buy all the clothes you will need during the year. Okay, I confess that they’re all men. I don’t know any woman able to stay six months without buying anything (except me, last year) waiting for a trip.

But if you put the tip of the pencil, the strategy of this macharada it makes perfect sense. Especially if you are on the way from the USA or Europe.

Of course there are all the other important issues for you to spend your money here in Brazil Rico. Tax collections around, the movement of the brazilian economy. Anyway, super important things you should take into consideration. But, can I vent? When you get there at H & M in Barcelona and is a cute dress costing Eur 8, do you want to send the brazilian economy nitpick so much that you feel robbed.

Hence, everyone who has love for fashion and to your money, Rico takes trips to Yankee land to cast off a little something or another (or many).

When I remember the superhuman effort to have traveled twice over my year of abstinence, I think about how I wasn’t crazy.

Then came my vacation. The first big trip after everything that happened. And, I’m happy to announce that I blew my budget of the trip. In fact, that’s the first tip: when you’re traveling and want to buy a few things, set up a specific budget for purchases and control it well. Nothing to let the thing roll loose with a credit card.

Well, over the next few weeks, you will see all the little things that I got there abroad and some explanations about my choices.

The cool travel pro northern hemisphere is having contact in advance with the people here will use in six months. All on account of the difference in seasons. And a nice thing to look at is the color palette that will rock next season.

A that’s going strong is the dark blue, medium purple. Something that I don’t know well tell what it is (I’m colorblind), but I can tell you that I found totally chic. This color was everywhere, but rocked at H & m. Especially combined with black. And that’s when I fell in love.

So I started to take a look around to illustrate my point and found a bunch of pics of Kristen Stewart using the combination. OK, she’s not so high after what you’ve been up to with the little vampire and the Director married, but it’s worth the fashion reference, says Insurancejust.

Well, all this to say that I bought a pair of pants with this unusual combination. In H & m. good, Famous fashion and cheap. There she is:

The top is also new. And there’s another good tip. I don’t know if you guys know the COS. If you don’t know, let me explain. The COS is one of the brands of the Group H & M launched in 2007, it has more quality and desin keener than the brand. The COS is less fast fashion and promotes a more timeless than H & M.

To get to Berlin, I confess I also didn’t know COS she appeared in one of the tips sent by friends about the city. And I was running to see. I found it quite nice and just snapping up this lurex Sweatshirt (and a later show here).

Finally, the stock market was also acquisition of the trip. Those who follow the movements of the sets you know Cambridge Satchel, a estilinho utility that won the hearts of fashionistas and versions in all possible colors. The original Cambridge are expensive (there were around 120 euros). But H & M (she always S2) launched the your copy for the modest sum of 25 euros. Had Brown, pink neon Golden and black varnished. And I chose black to combine more with everything.

Until, for a post, I just had to have a good smell of parts of the trip.

And, since it’s Friday, a day of joy, jogação day, happy day, wishing you a weekend of dance of the Gangnam Style (this will in tribute to my roomie Hui and Min and the Moon, my little friends from Korea.