What Does LG G3 Not Had Already?

Yesterday presented the LG G3 and seeing the comparison with other high-end terminals highlights one fact clear: almost all have the same processor, same screen size and density of pixels per inch, same megapixles on the camera… What is the difference between really these terminals?

A user could very much hesitate to opt for one of these terminals if you want to be up to date. At the end seem to be all equal and the differences that had in previous generations has been diluted a little. We are, therefore, before a subtle differentiation.

Design, very important

A big difference between the terminals of today is the design. Each manufacturer has its particular line, which also tends to be consistent with the passage of time. And here we have a clear differentiator of these terminals.

LG has chosen this time by a sober, elegant terminal, with a screen that stands very much since the frames are minimal. We have a safe bet and in my opinion it is the best design that there are up to date on the market, with the only drawback that despite the appearance we have plastic finishes.

Opposite we HTC that advocates a completely metal body, does not have convinced me a Sony which abounds with Crystal and a Samsung that bets for materials based on plastic with juvenile finishes this year. Honestly the level is very high (except for Samsung, for me, clear) and each of which has its Favorites. I, on this occasion, I prefer LG.

Screen and resolution, similar is not the same as equal

The screens are another field of battle that on paper do not offer many differences but what does them. All offer good performance, even more Samsung this year has achieved spectacular results despite criticism that AMOLED had in the past with its S5 Galaxy.

The big difference this year, offering LG is to reach the 5.5 inch (above all) and one higher resolution than its competitors (more than 500 dpi) in a terminal of the same size. It is the closest thing to a phablet that is without the large size. How have they achieved it? With a few very small frames, which at the moment unable to other manufacturers.

No doubt will have to try the screen depth, but for those who want large screens without problems so that the terminals to fit in your Pocket This LG phone is a true wonder.

Camera, megapixels aren’t everything

Another aspect where the terminals are different is in the camera. If we only look at Megapixels are all similar (except the HTC One that remains committed to the ultrapixeles) but it is not. There are subtle differences, but there are.

This year this aspect is very competitive. Sony has an excellent lens, as always, but Samsung has made a major commitment and achieves a focus incredibly fast. On the other hand HTC continues its commitment of the ultrapixeles and a second camera for a selective approach. And LG now introduces its G3 terminal with optical stabilization and focus laser to improve speed.

No doubt in this regard, is very difficult to define who has the best camera and only a direct comparison of all terminals will allow us to really know who wins. We hope to be able to offer you this analysis very soon.

Accessories, the new battle field

Another important aspect are the accessories. Increasingly there are more and these tend to interact correctly with a mark of terminals. The most talked-about cases are Samsung, who offers exclusive Gear clock. But also with its Dot View cover HTC highlights with exclusive accessories.

Here LG has wanted to offer something similar, with its cover Quick Circle in which offers direct access to the most common tasks. Is it something like enough to shift the balance Bearing in mind that all these accessories often have a relatively high price? It is quite difficult to predict.

In short, There are differences between the flag terminals. At the level of processor are all very similar and on paper this highlights, but I think that there are sufficient aspects in design, screen, camera and accessories to tilt the balance (personal) in favour of one of them. And, of course, is always the price.