What Do I Have To Do To Protect My Cell From Viruses?

If you want to protect your JAZZTEL mobile against viruses and malware, you can easily do so by following these tips.

Avoid Phising: Impersonation

We must be careful when entering our personal data in the forms of the online services. We talk about banks, insurance companies and JAZZTEL itself. In the latter case, remember to always access your JAZZTEL Client Area from the address WhereverSmartphone with the web browser of your smartphone. 

For greater security, we recommend that you download the JAZZTEL app for Android phones, so you will ensure that you access a reliable environment from which you can manage your lines and services.

Use Apps From Official Stores

For smartphones, it’s important that you only install apps that are in official stores (Google Play for Android, App Store for iPhone iOS and Microsoft Windows Mobile Store). Providers work every day to provide the most secure applications. 

Install An Antivirus

Although there are expert voices that tell us that it is not necessary to install a mobile antivirus, in the case of Android it is not enough to install a protection to curb unwanted practices such as phishing, malware, telephone spam or spyware. 

To install a reliable antivirus solution on your Android phone, go to the Google Play store , and in the browser enter the text “free antivirus” . Of all the options that appear to you, choose the one that is most popular (with more downloads) and that is better valued (4.5 stars onwards), you will be sure.

Manage Permissions For Your Apps

Each app you install on your Android has some custom permissions to access certain Smartphone features, including access to your photos, your GPS position and your calendar. When you install an app, in a popup window you will see which permissions are requested for the application in question. 

At this point, it is important to take a few seconds to evaluate if you grant access permissions. For example, if a photo retouching application requests permission to access your images will be within the “normal”, but you may not like that the same app accesses your contacts directory, so you could block this permission during installation.