What Are Nail Enamels 3, 4 and 5-Free? Brands of High-End (And III)

Already we’ve almost covered the whole issue of the Nail Polish 3, 4 and 5-Free. We still only have those luxuries that we occasionally, with those precious glazes of the brands of higher ranges. And what are those?

The truth is that It has been difficult to divide the glazes by price segments, because there are glazes that are for prices much lower than in Europe or the rest of America in United States. So forgive me if in this last list are glazes that are not exactly expensive.

  • The nail polish from Illamasqua they are 3-Free, and according to its official website, some of their glazes contain camphor and formaldehyde resin.
  • Enamels CND, both their regular glazes and those for Shellac manicure are 3-Free, as you can read on their official web site.
  • Enamels Lippmann, they are also 3-Free, according to its official web site.
  • butter London, Mark commemorative nail polish of the wedding of Kate Middleton with Prince William, also manufactures 3-Free glazes, and is one of the brands that use this name, as seen on its website.
  • All the glazes of colors of NARS they indicate to be 3-Free, as we see on its web site. That Yes, the ingredients are not listed or said nothing of the base or top coat.
  • A brand that I have never bought and do not know where classified, is Mavala, whose web site says that all its glazes are 3-Free and free of camphor, animal products and heavy metals.
  • The glazes of Orly they are 3-Free, according to their official site.

I have left for the end to most famous brands because although it is said that their glazes are 5-Free for several years now, there is no list of ingredients on their web sites, or I could find it on online retail sites. I have written to several of them and some I have replied:

  • Pure Color glazes of Estee Lauder they are 3-Free and does not contain camphor, but if formaldehyde resin.
  • The nail polish from Revlon with 3-Free.
  • Of Chanel, often referred to as a mark 5-Free, I have been told that the ingredient list appears in all the boxes of their glazes. I don’t have mine and have no shops nearby that sell the brand, so I can’t tell you by the way if it is 5-Free, but you can do it without any problems when you see a glaze of Chanel.
  • Of Shu Uemura I have been told that their glazes do not contain toluene or formaldehyde, but this brand is also often listed as 5-Free.

So, as you can see, many glazes already removed the questionable ingredients in their formulas. Of course, it is still important that we read the labels that buy or ask the marks when they’re not safe.

This post term this miniseries N-Free glazes, although I still tell you the vegans enamels and water-based. In the comments, we can discuss all those other brands that I may have forgotten, that the information helps all of us.