What are Canvas Pants

Anniversary, inauguration, launch… All the latest news from brands that are very close to the United States.

What are Canvas Pants

Less than two years after the inauguration of PHM Saints fathers at number 50 of the eponymous Street in the 7th District of Paris, its founder, Pierre-Henri Mattout, exports its selection of clothing and accessories in the environment of designer sneakers, in the form of pop up awnings within Department stores Bloomingdale’s in New York and Los Angeles, as well as on the website of the American sign. As in Paris, the majority of the proposed pieces are exclusives, chosen by this former designer and Art Director (Dormeuil, Victorinox…) in tandem with brands likeLanvin, Pierre Hardy, Spalwart, Junya Watanabe Man, Sunspel of England or Norse Projects (phmsaintsperes.com).

A Success Story of 6 In 6

Considered the American father of moccasins, loafers in English, G.H. BassShoemaker began in 1876 in Wilton, Maine. Thirty years battery after, brand launches a first model shoe for survey campaigns with a side to side seam that runs all the way around. Then, again thirty years later – still a year in 6-, this is the edition of the Weejuns, a shoe “for pantoufler in the fields”, which will be ample floor in the 1950s and 1960s. On campuses, students make a habit of slipping a penny in the interstice of the tongue that adorns his instep. And here’s the penny loafer, the ransom of success, will become a classic and raise the frequent tributes from many other shoemakers. Anyway, G.H. Bass continues its trajectory and also does not dwell on its 140 years in 2016.

The Inauguration of the Supreme

Lots of great days, security cordon to contain the fans, the American brandSupreme inaugurated, week last 20 Street Barbette, Paris III, its first store in France. If the name of this label tells you nothing, ask your (Grand) children who spent hours on a surfboard to skateboard with extra-large clothes as uniform and a Walkman broadcasting hip-hop screwed on their ears!

In the early 1990s, the New York label is a pioneer of streetwear. James Jebbia, its founder, invests a store on Lafayette Street at a time where the adjacent neighborhoods of SoHo and Alphabet City were not yet restored nor trendy. The sidewalks in the area are so occupied by kids who kill time by doing stunts on the macadam. They also tag the walls of high color graphics… Quickly, Supreme is inspired by street culture, publishes planks, appealed to contemporary artists – Jeff Koons, Richard Prince…-, is launching a line of print and cool clothes. Almost immediate success. And international. Other stores are open on the West Coast, as well as in Japan, but not in Europe for nearly twenty years. An absence that contributes to the phenomenon Supreme.Les English are the first satisfied, in 2011. Five years later, the French are (finally) served!

All Legs

In 1986, in San Francisco, Levi Strauss & Co., the leader of the five pockets, launched a new label of beige cotton canvas pants. More dressed that jeans, these khaki pants are destined to all pregnant ladies in their spare time, while the brand name refers to the laborious world of the Merchant Navy. Anyway, it sells its chinos and buns and reached the million dollars the following year. Six years later, another idea of genius boosted its results. An eight-page document entitled Guide to Casual Business Wear addressed some 25,000 human resources managers in the United States. A plea for more casual in the workplace that would be at the origin of the birth of the current friday wear… Since then, Dockers has not known to fame. Too be doors, its models have even ended up being outdated. In 2016, the brand take 30 years to return to its roots. A collection birthday, put forward from March 23 to April 17 in the spring of man, in Paris, diverts its original canvas for the looks around the pants khaki (dockers.eu total).