Wetlook Leggings

Brilliant hours with wet look leggings

What are wet look leggings? This question is not unusual, the term “wet look” is not familiar to everyone. However, many know this look because it is a fashionable trend. The Wetlook pants is tight leggings that look like a Lackhose. They shine and are strongly reminiscent of the material latex. However, it is not correct latex pants, but imitations. In addition, there are different levels of Wetlook: In some models, shines more, others less.

The wet look compression leggings at deadlyleggings.com nowadays has less to do with a fetish. You hear much more in the repertoire of trousers of fashion-conscious women. The pants, which is usually made of stretch material, can be sporty or elegant and combine is a garment that you can wear well on different occasions.

There are also men and women who are on the wet look and find it stimulating when the trousers snug and beautiful shine. In return, the skin-tight tights without feet can also be used. It is clear that the wet look leggings makes slender legs, as they formed a good silhouette due to the stretch material. So rump and legs are well packed and seductive.

Wetlook Pants Wetlook Pants is not equal

The term “wet look” comes from English and means as much as “wet look”. Thus, the gloss is meant to have the leg clothing. However, there are shiny clothes in less shiny, almost in a matte look. Sequined pants or glitter substances do not belong in the “wet look” category. In this style, the shimmering material must look like a unified whole. Here, the material remembers perhaps best on a plastic sheet or on fetish clothing.

The glossy leg fashion is very diverse, although the description of the first impression suggests otherwise. However, there is the lingerie for the legs in many different variations. Among them are, for example, the following models:

  • Leggings with studs or zips at various locations
  • Versions with lacing and cut-outs
  • different colors and cuts
  • with patterns

The world of wet look leggings is varied and you can find beautiful models that can be selected for everyday problem. This kind of footless tights are a good choice for a party or a festive occasion. Due to the gloss leggings something very noble in itself has.

combine Shiny Legwear clever and fashionable

You want to wear a wet look leggings for going out or even to your work? No problem. Find you best a simple model of what you suits color. Black is a classic and can be combined easily. In addition, the color has something Formal se. For a chic look with skin-tight, shiny trousers You can, for example, in the office, provided that the casual style is allowed to choose a white blouse and a black blazer to the leg fashion. Moreover, you will attract a few chic, black pumps. This outfit works well with a top under a blazer.

Something sporty affects the Buxe when you dress them up with a top and cardigan. This style is perfect for autumn days when you wear a few boots or booties to the wet look leggings.

For a festive occasion a beautiful, simple top to the leggings should be chosen. Shoes with high heels, it was open high heels or boots are a must in the outfit. In addition, the rest of the festive outfit should be rather simple. The wet look is the focus and other shiny garments loaded the look too.

Furthermore, apply to the combination of shiny tights without leg warmers following styling rules:

  • The wet look leggings is the focus, so that the rest of clothes should be unobtrusive.
  • The pant is very sexy, so you should be cautious in the rest.
  • Always wear astring  under tight leg fashion.
  • Always Combine the tight, footless stretch pants with high heels.Except for a casual style. Since Boots go without heels.

The wet look: A brilliant performance in the bedroom

Look at yourself in zugeschnuert shop around, you’ll find really fancy models. This includes the black model, which at the hind legs has a red laces. This comes from the calves up to the Po. Very erotic see our range of red gloves or a red corsage. Very rock acts the tights without feet that on its front side has transparent cutouts on the whole leg. The cut-outs look like cracks, which the pants model gives a very cool touch. This variant you can safely wear at a party. At the same time the model works well in the bedroom because the recesses show a little your skin, which is very mighty arousing.

Very pretty and noble acts the shiny stretch pants  with rhinestones and lace on the front in the knee area. There is a pattern, which consists of the applications. This model is very discreet and can be tightened easily while shopping, at the next party or even at work. At the same time these elegant variant also serves as a festive garment, what is great with a blazer and a light blouse or a top can be combined.