Wedding Trends For Those Who Like The Extraordinary

Many trends are born in the United States, and a not quite new trend should interest also the future brides here in Germany. 

“Trash your dress” this trend is called and hit like a bomb in the United States. Equal more on this, because it sounds almost scary and brought a dress not in connection with the terms “Waste” and “Throw away”. Wedding dresses, whether a designer dress or off the shelf, are valuable pieces of clothing, the value of which will be defined not only on the price for the bride with the opinion of Thereligionfaqs.

The wedding dress is the most beautiful and most important dress that she bought ever in their lives and will buy for every bride. Bright white or other subdued colors, made of high quality fabrics and accessories, every bride feels on her wedding day as a Princess. In the eyes of a bride the most terrible: the wedding dress is even torn or soiled in any way.

This is all very obvious and well to understand. But if you like the unusual, will love this trend. I dare to doubt that it is the majority of the couples, but definitely the wedding photographer and the bride and groom have a lot of fun, when it says: “trash your dress!” Everyone knows that wedding gowns are worn only once. Actually too will lead a sad existence more or less in the wardrobe. Since the idea was to make something special with the wedding dress, and a second time.

“Trash your dress” means nothing else to pollute as the wedding dress for a second Hochzeits shooting or maybe even tear. To do this, an extraordinary and “dirty” place for the shoot is selected. Wonderfully suitable junkyards, factories, roads, or similar. The photographer sets the bride and groom, the wedding alone, as well as the wedding dress for the second time skilfully. The fun factor is huge, because this trend is exceptional, and dresses without soil repentance that brings the factor slider is in the height. This fun is not for everyone, but it is different times and the memory of it will remain eternally upright. Dare and “trash your dress”.