Wedding Dresses in Black and White

For a very chic and metropolitan themed wedding, black and white may be the ideal solution. You can choose to decorate the tables, cake and party favors with these elegant colors and sober at the same time. And then there he is, the great protagonist: the wedding dress.

There are colors that never go out of style. The black and white is a combination extremely refined and timeless, so much so that even in the bride of many major brands came back powerfully for the 2012 season. Why choose an outfit so special? Meanwhile, for the desire to play with color, then go for the desire to be original and stand out from the crowd, finally to the need to enhance their appearance.

If on one hand it meets the need to decide on a theme elegant and enjoyable even for their guests, on the other hand it can exploit these classic shades to hide some flaws. Be careful, though, because black must be dosed carefully. Do not exaggerate, but embellish the dress only in some detail. This advice applies to all future brides who are planning to get achieve the dress from a seamstress in confidence, to save money. In addition, optical level, black Slims, while – as we know – the white flares. So, even if you have a physical model could exploit a bicolor bodice or a black belt expertly, to tighten the waist and look taller.

As you can see from the clothes gallery, this year it is very fashionable the lace, which is said to bring much good to brides (symbol of fertility). The must is to combine a lace or a pattern in black on a white background. The roses are beautiful, but also the arabesques down fluffy skirts. Ladies more minimalist, can instead opt for simple bands to run along the neckline or cut straight on the breast. Attractive and stylish, the fabric flowers that can be applied both in life and on a shoulder or in your hair.

In a chromatic composition, even if it is simply a habit, you should repeat the color three times. So if black is present in several places on the dress, do not add other details, while if it is just a small spot, maybe you plan to coordinate the Accessories, such as shoes or a shawl, for the evening.