Wear Bow Tie on the Big Day

The bow tie is not the first of the tie options that comes to mind when we think of the groom’s clothing. Although the most common is to wear conventional necktie or even a slim, the butterflies ties can steal the scene when well used and give a look at the groom’s look on his special day. Many people have a prejudice with this type of tie, but it is because they can not see all the advantages it has. So let’s give you 10 special reasons to rethink this situation and adopt your bow tie at your wedding.

1 – They Are Especially Easy To Give

You know that mess of knotting a tie? Forget it! Giving a knot in a bow tie is very easy. Although it is possible to give knots in a bow tie in some different ways, the process is much simpler than knotting a conventional tie

 This motive will be enough to convince your fiancé if he does not know how to give or dislike knitting. Many of them, even, come with the pre-knot and a collar very easy to adapt. One of the most practical and fast necktie options, the bow tie will be passion at first glance and will make the groom’s clothing very well. 

2 – They Are Especially Charming

A man in a tuxedo and a bow tie leaves any woman with a silly smile! Imagine seeing your fiance dressed that way on your wedding day?

 The butterfly ties are much more charming than the conventional ones or even the slim ones. They have an elegant and seductive touch, which goes back to the spy movies and classics. There is nothing better than having an extremely charming groom on your wedding day! That guy we fell in love from the beginning. The heart beats stronger and the certainty that a good choice has been made. This type of tie can be a great option to give an additional charm to the groom’s clothing.

3 – They Are Especially Simple

Depending on the wedding, a pompous tie from the ones we’re used to becomes ugly and disorienting. A minimalist wedding , for example, a very simple, combines much more with bow tie. This type of tie combines with every type of ceremony, but it has special emphasis on those that are more intimate.  

Not to mention that its use usually avoids those typical messes, as the completed tie unintentionally bump into some food and get dirty for the rest of the party. It also lacks the use of a catch, which is often an expensive icon in the groom’s look.

4 – They Combine Especially With Any Wedding Theme

Formerly, butterfly ties would only come out of the men’s closet when a friend or acquaintance’s wedding invitation would tie the black tie or when some other equally formal event would charge the full suit as well. Today it can already be used with several companions and not necessarily the tuxedo, as usual.

This type of tie has been widely used in combination with suspenders, for example. They combine with all types of marriage, from the simplest to the most pompous!

5 – They Have Especially Incredible Varieties

The varieties of butterfly ties make them more adaptable to themed weddings. This type of tie has an immensity of models, prints and sizes. This means that it is very easy to find one that matches exactly the theme of the party, for both more complex themes like wedding geek up to a more different color that has been chosen for the color palette ofthe ceremony. The variety allows you to buy Star Wars themed ties, with more pastel and coral colors, prints … anyway, a lot! Just put your head to work and choose which one matches the most with your wedding.

6 – They Are Especially Easy To Combine

It is much easier to match the wedding dress with the bride to the bride’s dress when wearing a bow tie, subtly, just matching the tie. By having an immensity of models, it is easier to find a resemblance to the dress of the bride, if that is the desire. In the same way, it is also easier to find ties that fit other aspects of the marriage and can match, according to the couple’s taste. She is so versatile that it is even possible for the groom to wear a tie during the party and another during the ceremony if the couple wishes.

7 – They Bring A Special Personality Thing

It goes without saying that the look of the groom will be monotonous if you know how to choose a bow tie. It is able to provide a touch of personality to the groom’s clothing, even when the tones are sober and unobtrusive. This type of tie by itself is already a choice of personality and to do this option can already demonstrate that the couple is bolder than conventional. A great choice to get out of the rut and surprise the guests. When accompanied by a flower on the lapel, the look becomes classic and worthy of a romantic movie. There is no way to not sigh.

8 – They Especially Match With Tuxedo

Butterfly tie and tuxedo are a perfect pair and icon. Photo: Beyond Trends Beyond Trends

We could not leave out the motif that made the butterfly ties more popular: its combination with the tuxedo. Although not obligatory, the bow tie is usually chosen from among the tie options when the theme is tuxedo. If your wedding will be formal and the groom will wear tuxedos, do not be put off: a bow tie is the most stylish and appropriate type of tie. It makes a much better look at the classic and elegant look of tuxedos, since they have been classic partners for decades.

9 – They Are Especially Cheaper

Of course it will depend on the brand of the ties, but the butterflies ties are usually substantially cheaper than regular or slim ties.

If you are looking to save money or are having a limited wedding, the bow tie is once again the best kind of tie for a groom’s outfit. It is substantially cheaper than other types of ties, as long as you do not decide to buy from a very famous brand.

It is even possible to buy butterfly ties kits and use them on different occasions. After all, it is so versatile and beautiful that it does not have to be reserved for use in marriage. It may be the constant companion of the suit or any other more formal clothing. It also goes well when, in an informal event, it is worn with jeans.

10 – They Are Especially More Stylish

If your fiancé is stylish, you’ve made up your mind: a bow tie is his tie type! The use of a bow tie adds a touch of style to the groom’s look that is not possible with another type of tie. It combines with every groom profile, turning them into more stylish for the most special day of their lives.

From the nerdy to the more conventional, all men will be satisfied with the use of the bow tie at their weddings. The bow tie combines with a more stripped-down style, but is also the perfect pair for a more serious groom. She is very versatile and will end up conquering her heart and her wedding party.

So, did we change your mind about the bow tie? We hope so! She is very elegant, practical and classic to compose the clothes of the groom. We want to know what you think of this post! How about showing it to your fiancé and knowing what he thinks? Please share with us your impressions and opinions about butterfly ties! Enjoy and get to know our guide of services , where we selected some reliable professionals who can help you to compose the clothes of the groom based on what you saw here.