Watch Shops in Stuttgart

My watch purchase was almost always limited to purely Online experiences. For one, because I just don’t like the ARISTO Micki fuss for many jewelers. On the other hand, the discounts of established online retailers such as Our site or Our site are very tempting. A used watch, E.g. in the Watch Forum, to buy has its charm and ran at me easily across the stage. This happened very often, that I the purchased watch on the arm had never before had. Buy a brand, you had any experience gained with the abides by the qualitative surprise usually well within limits.

Watch Shops in Stuttgart

Nonetheless: A watch at this price region to buy ‘blind’, without them ever on the arm had to have, is quite risky, particularly because colors and shapes in images often not so good come over or for example the stainless steel band turns out to be then a rickety affair.

I sneak around quite a while to the 2016-released TAG Heuer Aquaracer Calibre 5 automatic (with a diameter of 43 mm). TAG Heuer models are online usually with pretty good discounts, as localtimezone says. The specific model is there even at established online retailers up to 25% discount off the RRP. However, the model wanted to buy this time not blind. In the spirit of ROPO (“research online, purchase offline”) I went so according to my online research in the Stuttgart City Centre, to examine my desire Watch (or an alternative yet?)…

Watch purchase in Stuttgart: an experience report

That one is thrown at retail with such discounts, should be clear. Pay the rent for the premises, staff and other costs finally not alone. Especially the rooms in an exclusive location such as the Stuttgart King Streetare a considerable chunk of fixed costs.

Even though I of course suck up the savings mentality as choice-Schwabe (and Yes, now I schwäbl also a bissle), I gladly support the retail trade and have made me to seek some Jewelers in downtown Stuttgart. The aim was thereby not only time to buckle the TAG Heuer Aquaracer, then cheap online to buy them, but theyprovided in favor to take a price which is not outrageously far away from the online price, also right -. Also, I’m always open to Model alternativesthat I wanted to look at me like to live. The selection of large and well known Jewelers in downtown Stuttgart, that should be no problem… or?

Station A: of first attempt away from the King’s road

I start times small, I thought to myself. So, my first stop was far from a small and somewhat hidden jewellery of King’s Road, which is listed on the website by TAG Heuer as an official dealer. The door was locked (for security reasons), my wife and I were invited after a short ring. We were the only customers in the store, which I for one but rather surprisingly was Saturday afternoon, but the location is probably bit too hidden for most potential customers and the alternatives on the King’s road to diverse.

Even more, the very friendly and committed seller in the stuff settled but: we were immediately assigned to a seat and presented with espresso and a small piece of cake. The feel-good atmosphere in the more functionally designed retail space immediately was there. Quickly the first models were only just her way to our table, including a blue TAG Heuer – not the one I was looking for. Nevertheless, the seller was fully motivated and showed me a number of alternatives. The 1 × 1 of the sales psychology including mirror technology were also used. On the occasion, a chain was applied also my wife mampfenden cake, while I surveyed the alternative models. So I also have a little bit in the new Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean in the color blue in love–at the sight of the price sign, but my piece stuck cake in my throat me.

Even if the lady was a very good seller, I would have liked it here and there some more background knowledge. I don’t expect a seller to every model know shot everything from the gun (which can be so not even a watches Beknackter like me), but still never hurts to have a little knowledge.

While walking we got then still tips, where we can find the requested TAG Heuer Aquaracer possibly. And then my next stations were just that…

Station B: the Stuttgart Royal Road

My wife and I manage to so then but the first jewelry store in King Street. Would be don’t laughed when the requested TAG is not to find Heuer Aquaracer.

After us a security-looking man has let pounced right two seller on uswhich I have put forward my concerns.Just as fast, the two were gone but then again and let me and my wife are lostthen some. At least I could watch something and the bustle of the business while waiting for: next to us was only a handful of customers in the store, staff was laid out in abundance on significantly more clients available and obviously.The business was much glamorous as A station and wanted to express: you in a very special shop are here.

Well, it would have been natural if the service would have been something very special: after 5 minutes one came back bored-looking lady something with a TAG Heuer Aquaracer in luggage, on a bar table with bar stools to show them me. Unfortunately it was not the desired model. Unmotivated and taciturn man made no great effort to show me more alternatives. While at station A, everything has been done to keep us as long as possible in the business, no importance was attached to station B. Why, us offer a glass of water, if my search model is out of stock?

On a new so…

The unplanned and over-extended station C

We were actually on the way to an another jewelry store in King Street, I got caught but then but at a branch of a large chain of jewellery, which was officially not a TAG Heuer store online. Unlike station A and B could you get waddle just blithely in the business and I was drawn to display cabinets directly magically by the TAG Heuer. And there it was: the selected TAG Heuer Aquaracer blue 43 mm in diameter.

With a view to the left was me but immediately clear that it is no simple task to be able to keep the model in the hands: the staff was obviously much too thin, which is why a convince customer to another shaking his head the business left. Anyway I tried my luck to catch a seller: once I have even taken it to appeal to a lady who seemed as if she had just time, whereupon I was smashed a rather unfriendly and almost “no” against.Other customers were here obviously reluctant to, which is why I also annoyed to station D moved…

Station D: of Baroque pure luxury

We went a few meters further then in a business that so far made the most luxurious impression with itsbaroque interior with distance. Space of sale made although no full impression, but all sales locations were obvious and even the waiting area occupied in the Middle, which is why we makeshift were housed at the edge on chairs, which I had rather made as decorative chairs. However, you gave us in between a current state that it won’t be long now, apologized and asked us something to drink to – class.

After about 10 minutes waiting time was a neatly dressed young man in our age, who introduced himself with given name and handshake and led us to the place of sale. Quickly, it was also clear that my you’re looking for TAG Heuer Aquaracer is out of print. Nevertheless lay down the sympathetic seller in this stuffto offer me alternative. He was also professionally by far the best, so some Shoptalk was possible.

Real sparks are not jumped but the alternatives, so I’ve tried it (somewhat grudgingly) yet again at station C…

New attempt at station C

Even though it was now somewhat empty, we stood around 10 minutes waiting in the area, until then let’s anyone around us looked after. Luckily we got a deep relaxed saleswoman, which was while also not just technically adept, but very friendly and likeable and has taken time for us.

I could examine also the TAG Heuer Aquaracer that I almost have written off after three unsuccessful attempts before that, finally. She has tired of bright blue shade directly a “will to have” thrown-Reflex in me.With the 25% Internet discount in mind (what the seller wanted to hardly believe me and then grabbed a curious story to Fence goods ), I asked for a discount for cash payment at station C.

Retails at jewelers, discounts are also common. My research after this move usually in the framework of 5-20% – depending on the brand and business. So I had of course also the legitimate hope that a reasonable price for the TAG Heuer Aquaracer is achievable. My own target: 15%. This is although still well below the Internet discount, I as a very impatient person, the clock would have can take directly.

The seller had to briefly clarify the discount with her boss and offered 10% discount . That was me then, but just a little, I was persistent and asked specifically about 15% for cash payment. Unfortunately I bite on granite- the hands are bound, the seller since discount behavior too often controlled by the brand-name manufacturers. With a price difference of almost €400 compared to the lowest Internet price I’ve watched but then ultimately, also if me the devil on the shoulder PURCHASE! called to…

Conclusion to watch purchase in retail Stuttgart

She was already quite frustrating, my search for the TAG Heuer Aquaracer. All in all I will make yet again the next purchase of a specific model over the Internet from reputable and established retailers. The right of withdrawal within the framework he distance selling directive simply helps to convince as of course in case of doubt.

Look for jewelers is a good idea but sure if you simply just Browse want and like to entice to a spontaneous purchase rather does not allow – for impatient people like me, who likes to extensively inform themselves before buying,