Wall Clocks for Bedroom Suggestions

Even in the bedrooms modern play a decorative role of great importance showy clocks. Once it was enough an alarm clock, lying on the nightstand next to the bed, because the landlord could keep an eye on the time and organize the various stages of the day.

In these modern minimalist solutions, almost imperceptible from the aesthetic point of view, no longer work, and give way to more showy solutions.

Two are the privileged positions of the modern wall clocks with roman numerals in the bedroom: or on the wall overlooking the bed, replacing the framework depicting religious subjects, typical of the classical tradition; or on a wall opposite the bed, so you can keep up to date timetable even lying down.

If the posting positions are mainly two, endless are the stylistic variations of this category of complements.

Expert advice, to facilitate the ideal watch choice for our bedroom, it is to look first of all to consider the overall style of decor of the room, in order to make a choice that aligns with the previous.

However, if the will of the landlord is to make a contribution completely innovative in your room, evidently the model to choose from will be at odds with the dominant style, both in form, and colors, which in selected commodities.

Both the first and in the second case, the market for modern wall clocks comes to us with a wide range of original proposals.

For nature lovers, the romantic scenery and great tenderness, the ideal solution would be the set of stickers with Wall Clock, Fairy and Butterflies LifeUp.

This is a composition of wall adhesives including emerge: a circular dial with mirrored surface; 11 butterflies, always in the mirrored surface, of different shapes and sizes; a fairy, portrayed in profile, with a crown of flowers on her head and a beautiful pair of wings.

An original proposal, able to bring new verve to the bedroom.

The ideal model for the hosts who love to give free rein to creativity, creating on the wall compositions that are able to reflect their playful personality.

It is always LifeUp trying to satisfy even the hosts more “technological” with his proposal to form Clock of “@”.

A wall clock, made of metal, with round dial, with 30 cm in diameter, embedded in the design of the spiral, so dear to Internet lovers.

The structure is entirely covered in black, with white figures stand out.

A not very cumbersome model, but the impact, able to bring a touch of irony and spirit in a modern bedroom.

LifeUp has also thought of those who like to surprise with surprise effects, in a row of your own home.

In this case he proposed a wall clock, for the bedroom, consisting of a wall sticker representing one Rift Wall , with over-etched Roman Numerals, including fix the clock spherical dial.

It is a 3D model, with a breaking effect of the truly realistic wall; a composition of great charm, due to the perfect combination of elements that recall to different eras and styles.

The ideal watch for people wishing to make their bedroom a stylistically avant-garde environment.