Wall Clocks for Bedroom: Ideas and Tips

Between school, homework, gym, meetings with friends … even our little ones are always fullest of commitments, and they also feel the need to stay current on the schedules and the various phases of the day. In short, the wall clock is indispensable even in the bedroom.

In many different shapes, made of different materials, the important thing is that the children’s rooms are brightly colored watches, or be able to bring happiness, joy and fun, in the realm of children and adolescents.

An essential feature of the room for watches is that they are provided with rotation mechanisms absolutely silent hands, so as not to disturb moments of relaxation and especially the night rest of the children.

Apart from this fixed point, the imagination dominates in every way the market for wall clocks for kids bedroom.

Flamboyant and likeable, the glass wall clocks made by wallclockstation in an entirely similar to a modern Wristwatch, complete with a dial and long strap, Kakaji.

An ironic model, equipped with the mechanism of high-quality quartz, with the hands and the dial visible even in the dark, painted entirely in white, 90 cm long and weighing only 700 grams.

A model very suitable for small room for those teenagers who are beginning to project themselves in adulthood, showing great interest also for accessories such as wrist watches, typical of the great world.

A truly original and impressive clock, especially when posted on brightly colored walls.

For younger fans of the kingdom of animals and especially cats, the perfect proposal is the wall clock in the shape of cat PendulumAllen Designs.

It is an artistic clock, hand painted, made of resin and characterized by an attractive design.

The head of the cat serves as a dial, the feline nose is replaced by ironic hands culminating in a bright red little heart, the animal’s body, checkerboard painted with strong colors (black, brown, gold, white), home to the mechanism pendulum, always heart-shaped red.

A high quality watch, able to bring added value in the bedroom of every teenage lover of nature and its multiple expressions.

Definitely aimed at young audiences the Model for Learning to Read forward to Jago.

It is a very traditional wall clock in the features : of the round form, with thick edging in aluminum.

The strengths of this model are essentially two: the dial with subjects in the foreground funny and colorful; the double ring of the figures, including juggle the hands, adapted to indicate not only the hours, but also the minutes, in order to facilitate the reading time by the smaller.

The subjects to choose from are many, sometimes more suitable for girls, sometimes designed for boys: owl on pink background; Fox on turquoise background, robots on a blue background.

This wall clock, in all its variants of subjects and colors, is presented as the ideal model to liven the bedroom of smaller and rely on effective support that makes it easy to read time.