VTech Musical Nightlight

A top baby who fell asleep during his bibs or in the 10 minutes that followed I had out of motherhood. Rare were the times where he remained awake. It felt even sometimes do not have a baby (and frankly I’m just exaggerating).

But of course, this did not last, and little by little he started to have periods of awakening of + in + long. And as it’s nice during the day (especially when he does not cry Let’s say), all night it is so so especially if we hope to go back to sleep between 2 bottles.
Already that leaves us a lot of time at the rate of one bib every 4 hours, 30 minutes to let him take, 15 to 20 minutes for the burping, diaper change possible. Let you do the math, but the little time you have left you want to sleep and not to try to get your baby to sleep!
The ideal is to find something that requires not your presence so you can quietly get some sleep while your kid falls asleep without you.

The birth of the little Wolf we were offered a super nice musical mobile with soft toys from Moulin Roty. So, when he began to more go back directly to sleep after eating the night I tried to put the mobile market (there is a night light in the room at the time even with the lights out he could still see the lint in movement above his head). It interested him well, it was quiet in bed but the problem is that music does not last very long. I had to wind up the mechanism regularly, baby was not really falling asleep because he was recovering on the alert as soon as I’d just restart the mobile and ben necessarily I don’t sleep either…
Well he must still specify that this mobile served me then (and still today also) for the NAP after the bath the morning because it is well lame and falls asleep fast so less than 5 minutes of music is more than enough.

Suddenly, musical stuffed animals with the string that we draw at the level of the tail and whose music is very short were not suitable for the night.

But had also offered us a Vtech musical plush that allows to broadcast soft Lullabies for a period up to 10 minutes. It seemed to be a good solution but actually still stuffed and without light fascinated not really our duck at the time (and still today she never left!)

Then we were in the midst of before Christmas to survey the shelves of toy stores (oh joy, oh despair!) looking for THE perfect musical Nightlight! (we were pretty motivated at the same time)

Our selection criteria:
-soft music
-of light
-a period of at least 10 minutes music
-a bit of movement

And we found! One that caught our attention is the pilot Light sweet night of Vtech .
Good it still cost the modest sum of € 40 to € 45 (if my recollection is correct) but it was worth.In my opinion it is money well spent!

She in fact meets all of our criteria:
-soft music: 3 ways = > 1 mode which plays nature sounds, 1 other which combines music soft and sounds of nature and 1 last with music soft and songs.
-of light and a bit of movement: on the façade there is a little bear who sways gently all accompanied by pretty lights whose colors range from blue to pink to yellow-orange and in addition there are drawings right to the ceiling.
Right at the beginning baby did not see the ceiling but that’s okay, because you can choose to activate the light on the front, one to the ceiling or even the 2 at the same time! Amazing isn’t it?
-a period of at least 10 minutes music: you can simply select 5, 10 or 15 minutes of lullabies. Suffice to say that home button is stuck on 15 minutes which suited perfectly for baby to sleep.

And other features that we would have not even dared to hope:
-the Nightlight reactivates when baby cries: good not light, just the sound (and it goes without saying that it will not calm down a baby who is hungry) but when he wakes up a little lost night, he starts whining and the night light is back on, it recognizes the music and feel reassured. It may be sufficient to go back to sleep, or at least to calm down the time that you arrive. And after when it’s bigger it can wait the morning before you get you out of your bed.
-It has a remote control: practice to turn on or off the back burner without going into the baby’s room (well there anyway to open the door of the room but if you left it slightly ajar is easy to do without being noticed) = in the end we thought it was top but it is not so served.
-There is also the possibility to record a message to baby’s attention: here I advise you to avoid the ‘ go to sleep you dirty kid! “= has not used this function there either
-On the front there is a Penguin-shaped button and when pressed (or baby when it’s bigger) light and music back on for the delight of your little one.
-The volume is adjustable: often the music of the night lights are too strong but with each can be set according to his desires. (and besides, rare thing too: mechanism is rather quiet ))

And more the toy is Compact and so we always take him with us on a trip or even when we go out at night with friends there is also. Like that, even in a strange room baby has benchmarks and falls asleep peacefully.

The only negative is the fastening system, really sucks. It does not at all. Let’s say that when you have a still tiny baby, does not move in his bed, fine. but as soon as it starts to move, kicking in the back burner, it comes off too easily to the bars of the bed and falls on the face. I quickly replaced these attachments by of pretty ribbons, goods tied to the bars of the bed so that they present no danger to the baby.

In short, a product that completely met our expectations and even more so since there are gadgets that will is not to be served.

Even today, at 10 1/2 months, my little Wolf falls asleep every night with his musical night light. He loves watching the little bear, which dangles.