Vodafone Yu: Doubles The Megs of Fares at Christmas

Presented the renewal of rates for contract, which today enters into force, the improvement of mobile Internet, international rates and new ranges of smartphones for your payment, Vodafone complete with a promotion of Christmas than holiday campaign fold the megabytes at maximum speed in their rates yu: for a month.

The promotion will be valid both for new customers today who have contracted any of the rates on prepaid and contract, free of charge to activate automatically If you recharge between December 9 and January 14, 2014, to enjoy it for the next 30 days while in contract, your enjoyment is during a full billing cycle that starts in this period.

As well, rates Vodafone yu: during the Christmas count apart from calls and unlimited messaging between users with rates yu and his usual bonus minutes with, 1 GB at maximum speed for 8 euros, 2 GB for 12 euros and 3 GB for 16 euros in pre-paid or 22 euros in contract. In all cases we must add the VAT and is still reducing speed to 64 Kbps excess.

A free promotion that will always be welcome but it should be dealt with in the prelude to the future renewal of rates yu: that, as it has happened in contract, could use adjust the final prices at cost with VAT. Before the possible adjustment would you rather that calls or the internet would be reinforced?