Vodafone Eliminates The Option of Paying on Invoice The Purchases Made through Google Play

Yet there are many the reluctant to introduce the data of your credit card in your smartphone to make payments with her, either out of fear of data theft or because someone can use your mobile to make purchases without control, for which the payment on invoice mobile applications or games operator is very useful.

But users of Vodafone with an Android smartphone are now with bad news, and it is that since the end of last month the option to pay for purchases in the Store PLay Google on your bill has disappeared, leaving them therefore with the only option of paying by credit card or PayPal.

The option of paying on invoice such purchases was introduced by Vodafone in 2011 and later by Movistar, which allowed its skeptical customers a new way to pay for such purchases but it seems the modification of terms and conditions by Google has caused that the operator has removed that option.

Speaking to movilonia.com Vodafone argues that believing that such modification reduces responsiveness by the operator before the complaints of customers or applications, content or services illegal, what has led the company remove the option of payment on invoice.

Therefore now only Vodafone customers they have the option of paying with your credit card or PayPal on the Play, Android Store, maintaining that if the invoice payment option in the Windows Phone or BlackBerry or Samsung and Nokia stores.