Vodafone Customer Care Approaching The Street with Improvements in Its Stores

Vodafone we are accustomed to call us to submit new rates or services but today’s ads don’t go in that way and is today the Red operator which has announced has been one remodeling of your distribution channel In addition to the opening of platforms of teleshopping spots in Spain.

The ambitious plan of Vodafone goes to reform nearly 500 stores to make them more large and attractive for the customer, with more smartphones and tablets by hand to test but plan also includes in addition an Apptualizador in each store and three shops with care Face to Face in Madrid, Seville and Barcelona.

Bring customer service to the street

The most attractive for Vodafone customers on reforms that will undertake in their stores is attention, diverting calls to the call center to ask for doubts or solving problems to physical stores, where You can solve more than 80% of consultations without having to resort to other ways.

But in addition to be able to resolve the majority of consultations at any Vodafone store also will be from October with three stores Vodafone you to you, that would be the translation of Telefónica of 123 attention moved to the street, including on-site repair. In Madrid and Seville-these centers are already open while Barcelona will open in October.

Reform of shops and Apptualizadores all

The most ambitious Vodafone point passes through the comprehensive reform of their physical stores. Mark has more than 1,000 stores in Spain between own and franchises and their plans go through count with fewer points of sales, already 280 have been closed, best located, they have relocated between 300 and 400 stores, and improve the appearance and services.

The operator will invest 105 million euros to transform 453 stores until March 2017, removing barriers for nearest service, exposing more smartphones and tablets, real and placing in all of them an Apptualizador, It will help customers to always have to last your smartphone or tablet.

New centres of commercial channel in Spain

And another point that also has unveiled today Vodafone is the opening of new commercial channel in Spain. The new Center is already operating in Zaragoza and Sevilla and they are dedicated to his letter of customers and acquisition, loyalty does not therefore devoting attention.


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